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Election Integrity

I will draft and support legislation that will: 

  • Allow the de-certification of elections and withdrawal of electors to the Electoral College by the Legislature after their certification.

  • Call a Special Session of the Legislature if the Governor does not do so.

  • Require all counties in Arizona to release a list of all eligible voters one week (7 days) prior to each election.

  • Require all counties in Arizona to do the following within ten (10) days of any election to:

  1. Release publicly the "Cast Voter Record" which is a spreadsheet containing a representation of each ballot and all voter selections that were counted on that ballot.

  2. Release images of all ballots, numbered so that they can be quickly found on the Cast Vote Record.

  3. Release, on the day after an election, an online sortable list of who actually voted; including the name, address, and precinct of each voter.

  • Require each county in Arizona to tighten its voter rolls, by eliminating deceased voters and those who are