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Freedom Fighter For Florida


I am in this fight at a great personal cost. I am not in this for myself. I am not in this to make friends in Tallahassee or to become an enriched career politician. I am here for the love I have for this great state. I want to make Florida better for our future children and grandchildren. I am in this to fight for you. I will be the most conservative legislator in the Florida Senate.

GerryJames_Senate.mp4 from Ken McCray on Vimeo.


Medical Freedom

We must end medical tyranny. Medical coercion and mandates violate our constitutional rights.

Election Integrity

We must restore confidence in our elections. If we refuse to make this right, the fraud will NEVER END. In 1st 30 days will write legislation to mandate one day voting, paper ballots.

Two-Tier Justice System

We must uphold law and order. We must put an end to a justice system that protects the radical left and ruling class RINOs in our state and country. There's a blatant disregard for our laws as t