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The RINO Hunter explains when to NOT vote for a RINO. When to vote for a RINO. And why.


First we need to decide where we are headed for our country.

We want America First

  1. America First
  2. Responsible spending
  3. Lower taxes
  4. Policy and spending that is for America
  5. 1st amendment rights
  6. 2nd amendment rights
  7. Secure borders
  8. End abortion
  9. Strong defense
  10. Freedom in Education
  11. Protect veterans


So who do we have as examples of the best in Congress?


Jim Jordan has had 100% conservative legislation for over a decade.

Marjorie Taylor Green is 100% but only just started.


Mike Lee has 97% for over a decade.

Rand Paul has 97% also, with a bad dip in 2016m but brought his conservatism back to play.


The Primaries are Crucial

  1. How to get rid of RINOs
  2. Give us time to build support for the America First candidates
  3. We are able to change candidates legally and peacefully
  4. Very important to the entire process (Virginia, Alaska, Louisiana are messed up--voters get confused and votes get split)

So good-bye Cheney! Bu