district 8 (3)

You have to vote for this man because no one else with money is running against him in the primaries.  Someone please, please run against him next time. 

Florida Republican Primary for US House Districts 8 and 9 - August 23, 2022

You can look at his website. https://billposey.com/


1. Voted for Covid-19 hate crimes act

2. Voted to override sequester restraints (to spend more of our money)

3. Voted AGAINST reducing foreign aid spending (and it would have been a 5% cut)

4. Voted to channel additional billions of dollars to Puerto Rico even though the initial money sent DID NOT even go to the citizens!

5. Voted AGAINST reducing funding for EPA and Department of Interior to levels requested by Trump administration

6. Voted to mandate diversity reporting

7. Voted to re-impose net neutrality regulations on the internet. (this stops open competition, and controls the internet)

8. Voted to permanently authorize the land and water conservation fund (they take your money to buy your land and you do not hav

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"I'm fighting for conservative voices across West Tennessee, to put our government back to work for us." - Bob Hendry


I love America.  I love Tennessee.

Three decades ago I put down roots in Tennessee, where the love of my life Tracy and I raised seven children, have seven grandchildren, and own and operate our own businesses.  I'm a deeply devoted Christian and a fearless cultural and constitutional conservative

After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, I served thirteen years' active duty as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer.  After leaving the 'Corps, I came to Tennessee, worked at FedEx and GSK Pharmaceuticals, and Tracy and I now own our own business.

When our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001,  I returned to the Marine Corps after 8 years of a quiet life, running toward the sound of the guns...

      ...because that's what American Patriots do.


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