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He won’t just join the fight, as Kansas Attorney General, he will help lead it. Kris Kobach is the best choice in the race for Kansas Attorney General.”
– U.S. Senator Ted Cruz


TOPEKA, KANSAS — Kris Kobach officially filed to run for Kansas Attorney General today.

“On a host of issues from vaccine mandates to attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights, the Biden administration and its allies in Congress have disregarded the constitutional limits on federal power. The most important officer who can fight back against such unconstitutional actions is a state attorney general,” Kobach said.

The former Kansas Secretary of State announced a Five Point Plan for the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. The plan outlines his commitment to Kansans and the experience he will bring to the AG’s office to help accomplish the plan’s initiatives.

Kobach will prosecute voter fraud as the next attorney general, according to the five-point plan.

“As Kansas Secretary of State, I drafted the 2011 law t

Lauren's Positions

Fight Covid Tyranny and Protect Medical Freedom:
I am the conservative lawyer who fights for medical freedom. I have taken on hospitals that won’t administer Ivermectin. I have successfully sued an employer that tried to force the Covid vaccine on its employees against their will. I’ve successfully challenged mask mandates. Medical Freedom is the pro-life issue of our time. If you can’t control what goes into your body and if you aren’t allowed to breathe freely, you don’t have the right to Life. I will always fight for my Pro-life Pro Liberty values set out in a constitutional Republic.


  • I will fight for each individual’s right to choose whether or not to wear a mask
  • I will fight for each individual’s right to decide whether or not to take a Covid vaccine
  • I will fight for each individual’s right to use alternative therapeutics to fight Covid, including Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • I will fight to protect each individual’s medical privacy from disclosure to any third

Matt's Priorities



I am running for attorney general to restore integrity, justice, and morality here in Michigan. America is under siege by leftists’ intent on tearing down our history and destroying the very fabric of our society. On day one, I will restore law and order. I will protect the right to peacefully assemble while securing law and order. I will support law enforcement. Our communities are overwhelmingly safer with police than without, and defunding or dissolving police forces is not the answer. Our first responders deserve our support and respect. They protect us, now it’s time for us to protect them.


Democrats like Dana Nessel are guilty of abusing their powers at the expense of their political rivals. She has blatantly disregarded and shown she doesn't care about the 1st Amendment, free speech, the right to redress grievances, freedom of religion, or freedom to assemble. Our rights have been violated as Michiga

David Shestokas  - The People's Lawyer



Have been primarily illegal, entirely unethical and executed with driven determination. 

Illinois leadership and thru the ranks has worked to usurp our freedoms.With the stroke of the current Attorney General’s pen, they simply pretended to have power that does not exist. It was that Attorney General, with fake authority,  on behalf of the governor in court that shut down schools, businesses and churches. Families separated, friendships broken and businesses closed. Illinois citizens fled to states where government acts lawfully and protects citizens from lawlessness. 

The Attorney General in Illinois is the chief law officer in the state.  Crime is out of control ... no lengthy explanations needed, but for the dogged drive of County Attorney Generals who have disabled law and order by refusing to prosecute hard and known criminals.  David will take the same stance