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Have been primarily illegal, entirely unethical and executed with driven determination. 

Illinois leadership and thru the ranks has worked to usurp our freedoms.With the stroke of the current Attorney General’s pen, they simply pretended to have power that does not exist. It was that Attorney General, with fake authority,  on behalf of the governor in court that shut down schools, businesses and churches. Families separated, friendships broken and businesses closed. Illinois citizens fled to states where government acts lawfully and protects citizens from lawlessness. 

The Attorney General in Illinois is the chief law officer in the state.  Crime is out of control ... no lengthy explanations needed, but for the dogged drive of County Attorney Generals who have disabled law and order by refusing to prosecute hard and known criminals.  David will take the same stance

Standing Up For Our Constitutional Rights

Gary will always stand for individual freedom. During COVID, Gary didn’t just talk about unconstitutional vaccine mandates, he took action.
Gary stood against the federal government, becoming a lead plaintiff on the lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional employer vaccine mandate. Gary took the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, and won!
Gary’s actions; fighting for our constitutional rights, has ensured workers in Illinois and across the US have the freedom to choose how they live and work.

Speaking in regard to election integrity.