Chad Spence, FL, Orange County District 2 Schoolboard

Faithfully Serving our Schools and Communities

Chad decided to run because he saw a school board that was hostile toward concerned parents and indifferent toward teacher's struggles.  Chad will work diligently to serve the parents, protect the children, and advocate for the teachers.

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Parents need to be confident that their children are receiving a quality education without indoctrination and that the schools are fully transparent in all areas concerning their children.  Parents are the decision makers for their children. 

Teachers need to be confident that they will receive the support they need to succeed and are viewed as professionals with favorable compensation and a code of student conduct that is strongly enforced.

When speaking with people, the topic I get asked most frequently about is gender identity and sexual orientation.  My position is simple- schools should be silent on these sensitive, non-academic issues.  These topics should be left for the parents to discuss with their children as they see appropriate.  

If schools are going to promote something other than academics, let it be morals, ethics, and character and warning them about the dangers of drugs and gangs.


About My Candidacy

  • I will fight for parental rights concerning their children.  Parents should be the decision makers for their children, not the government.  There needs to be full transparency in all areas concerning their children.

  • I will fight to ensure gender idealology and the sexualization of children have no place in our schools.  Schools should be silent on these non academic issues.  

  • I will fight to ensure our children receive a world class education, without indoctrination.

  • I will promote initiatives to keep our children safe while in school.

  • I will work for teachers receiving the support they need with much better compensation and a strongly enforced student code of conduct that allows them to focus on teaching without continued  distractions.

  • I will promote initiatives to discourage bullying, drugs, and gangs in our schools.

  • I will be a servant of the parents, a protector of the students and an advocate of the teachers.

Barton, Kirby, Spence for Orange County Public School Board Video--Do Students have Rights?