You have to vote for this man because no one else with money is running against him in the primaries.  Someone please, please run against him next time. 

Florida Republican Primary for US House Districts 8 and 9 - August 23, 2022

You can look at his website.


1. Voted for Covid-19 hate crimes act

2. Voted to override sequester restraints (to spend more of our money)

3. Voted AGAINST reducing foreign aid spending (and it would have been a 5% cut)

4. Voted to channel additional billions of dollars to Puerto Rico even though the initial money sent DID NOT even go to the citizens!

5. Voted AGAINST reducing funding for EPA and Department of Interior to levels requested by Trump administration

6. Voted to mandate diversity reporting

7. Voted to re-impose net neutrality regulations on the internet. (this stops open competition, and controls the internet)

8. Voted to permanently authorize the land and water conservation fund (they take your money to buy your land and you do not have a say)

9. Voted AGAINST reforming the criminal justice system through the first step act (this would have helped lift people up; to redeem themselves and move on)

10. Voted AGAINST reducing fraud and strengthening work requirements to get government assistance

11. Voted to block private competition for government contracts

12. Voted AGAINST defunding the EPA's criminal division


Watch the typical RINO curve--more conservative during election years and then RINO all the rest of the time.


Not just the quantity of bills voted on but the QUALITY. And as you see above.  His quality is VERY poor in regard to being a conservative Republican. Raises his conservative score at election time gives this roller coaster type line on the conservative graph. 

He is a high spender but not awful terrible high. 


You have to vote for this guy. Any Republican is better than a Democrat. Sadly. So just do it. Vote for Posey.