Physical Ballots and CVR Reports are Key--Those Who Control the Machines Control Who Wins

An Article on Midwest Seeds by Erik van Mechelen, September 9, 2022

The entire title is provocative with action and hope: 

Silenced But Not Ignored

Influence Operations, Plausible Deniability, and Why the Physical Ballots and CVR Reports are Key – Those Who Control the Machines Control Who Wins, But We Don't Have to Use the Enslavement Devices


Van Mechelen again shows his ability to write intelligently, mastering the English language with prose while mastering what needs to be done to fix what has been foiced on the American people and most especially the state of Minnesota.

  1. Muzzling our voices
  2. Muzzling AND experimenting on our children

Van Mechelen--attempted silencing by GOP. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! You shall not speak unless approved.

Electronic voting dangers--big No, no.

You will not speak at the endorsing convention.

You will not speak with Bishofsky

You will not present in Rochester

Change your message and we will let you "talk".

No. No. No.

We will NOT let the machines be in control. We are a free people. There is the 1st Amendment...after all.

They plug their ears from sounds--so that they can say, "We did not know.." They will not listen--so they do not have to act. 

Heroes rise up in Sherburne, in Mesa County, in New Mexico. Tina Peters, Couy Griffin, Jeff O'Donnell, Draza Smith and more rise like the plague of frogs to wake the sleepers and those who would keep others in the dark.

Cast Vote Records (CVRs) provide information to show hankpanky during the election. These can be used with the Mesa County image to showw fraud.

500 CVRs have been turned in but NONE from Minnesota. Totally legal to do so, so why not? There are certainly questionable issues. And Minnesota citizens have risen up to request records to be kept. 

Eric Van Mechelen continues in this fascinating article to explain election fraud as opposed to voter fraud and the danger of the machines.

We don't have to use the machines. And we SHOULD NOT.

Read Eric's article.





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