Tim Baxter, NH, US House District 1

Tim Baxter, NH, US House District 1



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Election integrity is the cornerstone of our Democracy. Tim is proud to have led the fight for a full forensic audit of the 2020 Presidential election. Tim believes every voter deserves nothing less than full transparency in our elections. All cases of voter fraud MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Tim Baxter is pro-life. Baxter is the only candidate in this race with a proven voting record of defending life. In the New Hampshire legislature, Baxter fought with other members of the New Hampshire Freedom Caucus to pass a late abortion ban. Baxter’s brother, Taylor, has special needs, so this issue is very personal to him. We must always stand for life, because we must fight for those that are the most vulnerable in our society, like Taylor.

America is falling behind on education. Every child deserves the best education possible and every parent deserves a say. Critical race theory is poison and this should not be taught to our kids. We must stop the “woke” liberal agenda being pushed in our schools. We need to get back to the basics: math, reading & science. As a State Representative, Tim fought to expand School Choice by voting for Educational Freedom Accounts.


Interview on WMUR9: Baxter disappointed that Republicans rejected 2020 election audit, Feb 2, 2022.


We cannot solve the serious issues facing this nation without tackling head on the pervasive corruption we face in DC. We must pass a Constitutional Amendment to get term limits into law. We must also tackle numerous issues when it comes to corruption.

Baxter supports passing the Read the Bills ACT, banning lobbyists from running for office and more. Additionally, Baxter has announced that he’s a “Hell no” vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House because we must get rid of the corrupt scoundrels in Washington. Baxter is the only candidate running for Congress with the guts to publicly pledge to vote against McCarthy and he’s the only candidate that will fiercely fight corruption. America would be a better country if more corrupt lobbyists went to prison.

Baxter 100% supports the 2nd Amendment. As a State Representative, Tim voted to protect your gun rights from any unconstitutional Biden gun grabs. Baxter is proud to be endorsed by the National Association for Gun Rights because he has a 100% record on the 2nd Amendment.



Baxter is a strong supporter of medical freedom. As a State Representative, Tim fought against mask and vaccine mandates. New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die State, mask or vaccine mandates are antithetical to our values as a state.

Baxter supports Donald Trump’s foreign policy doctrine of putting America First and China Last. We can no longer be taken advantage of by other countries. We cannot afford to send blank checks, with no oversight, for billions of dollars to foreign lands when we are bankrupt. As a conservative,  Tim believes in prioritizing and paying for things that are vital first. We must make sure veterans have access to the care they need. We should fully fund their healthcare by cutting out wasteful spending.

Tim believes that we must have ZERO TOLERANCE for illegals. As a State Representative, he has fought to mandate E-Verify to stop woke corporations from hiring illegal aliens in New Hampshire. Baxter is the only candidate running for Congress with a proven track-record of fighting illegal aliens. We must build the wall and stop the invasion across our Southern Border.

Joe Biden’s out of control Socialist spending programs are causing a massive increase in the cost of living that are harming working-class folks, seniors on a fixed income, and everyone across the country. We must stop these trillion-dollar spending bills and the endless printing of money. For every dollar printed, the American people pay the price at the grocery store and at the gas pump. We must pass a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget to get inflation under control. Baxter believes politicians shouldn’t get paid until they balance the budget.

Additionally, we must restore American Energy Independence by allowing drilling on federal lands, expanding nuclear energy, and building the keystone pipeline.


State Representative Tim Baxter is committed to earning his spot as New Hampshire’s Conservative Fighter in Congress.

As a member of New Hampshire’s Freedom Caucus, Tim took on key fights for freedom in the State House:

Stopping unconscionable Vaccine Passports from creating a class system in New Hampshire.

Standing firm for our Second Amendment rights and advancing a gun grab nullification bill.

Crafting tax cuts as part of the Ways and Means committee to help small businesses and families.


“As State Representative, I joined the New Hampshire Freedom Caucus. Congress needs more strong Republicans like Jim Jordan & Rand Paul and fewer spineless politicians like Mitt Romney & Liz Cheney”








In Congress, Tim is ready to continue the fight by:

  • Banning Critical Race Theory that pits America’s youth against one another
  • Holding Dr. Fauci accountable for lying to the American public
  • Stopping vaccine passports to ensure medical freedom
  • Supporting our business owners who have been ravaged by lockdowns
  • Standing firm against the Biden gun grabs and all infringements on our right to bear arms
  • Promoting our New Hampshire Values by standing for the Constitution & our civil liberties
  • Enacting Term Limits to fire corrupt career politicians
  • Protecting our Election Integrity by never accepting anything less than free and fair elections
  • Putting an end to taxpayer-funded lobbying and reckless government spending

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