Mike Rakebrandt, NY, US Congress, District 2

Mike Rakebrandt, NY, US Congress, District 2
  • Choose the person who has made life and death decisions from Ramadi to the streets of NY and saved real people's lives!
  • Choose the man with the courage of his convictions, the training to fight and solve problems, and the discipline to see things through.

Vote Mike Rakebrandt for Congress to stop the Democrats from their destructive policies, and help take our country back!



I intend to legislate and support America First policies with an eye towards good stewardship of our district and our nation. I will work towards real infrastructure upgrades and an improved economic environment, with a focus on job creation and small business needs, while also protecting our natural resources. 


I will further support and legislate
for the following national and local policies:


  • Finish the wall to secure our  southern border
  • Fully fund ICE and Border Patrol to allow them to do their jobs
  • Support and maintain the “Remain in Mexico” policy
  • Deportation of illegal aliens convicted of any felony
  • A return to merit-based immigration standards

Restore and sustain energy independence by keeping supply plentiful and prices affordable


  • Ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT, SEL, DEI, or any other acronym they use to hide their agenda) or any race-based curriculum that teaches division
  • Teach basic American civics
  • Promote school choice 
  • Support a nonpartisan curriculum
  • Increase vocational and trade training
  • Develop partnerships with trade organizations and businesses
  • Teach real-world economics, like budgeting, basic investment and insurance knowledge, as well as tax information, in home economics classes 
  • Partner with local community colleges to offer introductory classes and allow high school students to explore fields of study prior to graduation
  • Promote S.T.E.M. education and career paths
  • Target underperforming schools for remediation
  • Return to standards of meritocracy and minimum grades to complete diploma requirements
  • Establish policies that allow military training to be more smoothly transitioned into college equivalent accreditation
  • Institute and support programs to restore and preserve natural spaces
  • Work with private businesses and energy industry leaders to draft and commit to policies that support environmental goals
  • Engage the public in these conversations and allow for common sense solutions that meet their concerns and needs, while still allowing for growth and job creation
  • Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement 
  • Increase effort to keep our oceans clean



  • Increase availability and access to mental health services
  • Improve drug rehabilitation services
  • Foster job/career training through partnerships with local unions and trade organizations
  • Promote financial literacy programs
  • Partner with local community organizations in order to identify and address local issues as they arise


  • Reduce the regulatory and tax burdens on businesses and foster economic policies that lead to growth and job creation
  • Partner with businesses to bring jobs and revenue to our district
  • Sponsor balanced-budget legislation that works towards reducing the national debt
  • Promote policies to keep businesses in the USA


      Promote lower taxes at all levels of government to lessen the burden on individuals, families and businesses


It is of paramount importance that we immediately put in place protections for our election system, to include:

  • Require voter identification
  • Eliminate universal mail-in voting while permitting limited absentee voting
  • Implement election auditing systems so future elections can be audited quickly and accurately
  • Institute and enforce chain of custody rules that hold custodians accountable
  • Create a voting system that provides a copy of your voting selections that can be verified electronically 

Maintaining free and fair elections is integral to the survival of our republic.


...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The physical appearance of a weapon has no bearing on what the weapon does. Anti-gun advocacy groups and politicians conflate definitions for the purpose of driving a political agenda and ascribing to an object or a bill verbiage that is meant to misinform and manipulate. For example, there is no such thing as an “assault rifle” and automatic weapons (or weapons with a “burst” option) are already illegal.

  • Expand the Abraham Accords to better promote peace throughout the Middle East
  • Reinstitute sanctions on Iran   

Israel must be supported and defended.


Stopping a beating heart is ending a life.


Punishment for the abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of domestic animals needs to be made more severe.

The manner in which we treat the most vulnerable among us is the manner in which we will be judged as a society.


I’m Mike Rakebrandt and I’m running to unseat Andrew Garbarino in the 2nd Congressional District of New York.

Like many of you, I was upset with Andrew Garbarino’s reckless decision to support Biden’s $1.2 trillion dollar "Infrastructure Bill.” This betrayal goes against the Republican and Conservative platforms that got him elected in the first place. 

Unfortunately, Garbarino has a history of betraying us in the short time he has been in Congress. From his vote to not oppose the Certification of the 2020 presidential election – ignoring the more than 100 representatives from Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia to provide at least 10 more days so they could investigate the discrepancies – to his support of the partisan witch hunt that is the January 6 Commission, wherein he defied GOP leadership and President Trump, Garbarino has proven himself to be a RINO. His continued defense of his voting record shows just how tone-deaf and out-of-step he is with his constituents and the party as a whole. 

The Real Andrew Garbarino:


Andrew is a first term congressman representing NY District 2, and has consistently supported far left policies, bills, and ideals while campaigning as a Republican. His voting record has been rated as 94.4% more Liberal (The Heritage Foundation) than every other house Republican, including Liz Cheney and he is only in his first term! Here are some of his BAD votes: 

-HR1603 – Farm workforce modernization act-provides amnesty for illegal farm workers.

-HR1868 – Prevents budget cuts and reworks to remedy fraud/waste with Medicare/Medicaid.

-HR1195 – “Deputizes” employees of hospitals and other facilities to deal with security/threat issues endangering them and clients/customers needlessly.

-HR3233 – January 6th Partisan witch hunt enabling the targeting of opposing party members and candidates, extra judicial persecution is a hallmark of                           banana republics and tyrannical regimes.

-HR2467 – Part of the climate change push that does nothing to actually address environmental issues.

-HR5305 – Extended Government funding, his vote undermined GOP bargaining position and resulted in President Trump calling for him to be “Primaried”                       along with 13 other RINOs.

-HR4350 – National Defense Spending Act, this version contained “Red flag” laws which are unconstitutional attacks on our 2A rights.

-HR550 – Creates Federal Vaccine database in violation of right to privacy/HIPAA laws and sets the policy in place to exclude “unvaxxed” from society.

-HR3684 – Infrastructure Bill which is in large part what drove the current inflation crisis by allocating trillions of our tax dollars to unaccountable                                       bureaucrats and organizations working to strip away our rights and prosperity.

-HR5331 – Co-sponsored and will allow biological males entrance to female bathrooms/locker rooms and further reinforces indoctrination efforts of far left                      activists.

-HRES243 – Voted against removing Eric Swalwell from the House INTEL Committee after it was discovered he was compromised by a CCP spy (Fang                             Fang).

Furthermore, upon landing in Congress he signed onto an agreement to work with and support far left policies. In addition, it has been documented that he has met with lobbyists working on behalf of China. He is not Conservative, MAGA, or even Republican, but one of the biggest RINOs in Congress today!


More About Mike 


Mike grew up in Brooklyn and joined the US Navy at age 22. He proudly served for over nine years as a submariner, and then a Hospital Corpsman alongside USMC infantry battalions in the Middle East. In 2004, while deployed in Iraq, he was wounded in combat and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device. 

With a desire to continue his public service and fulfill a childhood dream, Mike joined the NYPD in 2007, after which he was promoted to the Detective Bureau in 2013. Always willing to step up to the most challenging assignments – both in the Navy and with the NYPD – Mike knows that he is at his best when he is serving our country and our community with honor, dignity, and courage. 

Mike lives in Holbrook, NY, with his wife, Lauren, and his four children, and their dogs Luna and Jupiter.

Why Mike

Mike Rakebrandt is an America First conservative and a President Trump supporter with an eye towards common sense solutions and policy.