Marco Rubio, FL, US Senate, RINO but Better than Democrat


RINO Hunter 1776 on Florida Senate Race

Wants to make Puerto Rico a state--bad. Would be large Democrat shift to fight America First.

$34 million dollars to work with. 2nd best funded candidate in U.S.

Incumbent and most people think he is conservative.

Bad legislation he has voted for:



1. Overriding sequester restraints so more money can be spent.

2. Voted against allowing refining companies to forgo a (large) payment they have to make in regard to whether they decide to use ethanol or not--brought forward by Ted Cruz. He said No.Oil companies must use ethanol or pay the big bucks. Well, that really means the consumer pays the government because of that. Gas prices are hiked up. Thank you Rubio.We could use a break on gas prices!

3. Voted against prioritizing domestic spending over foreign aid. Foreign contries more important than America.

4. Grew bureaucracy by establishing a foundation for climate change, green energy, solar panels, and windmills. (Why is government subsidizing an industry? If people buy then it's good, if they don't it falls. Why should this be any different?) We all know it is because he gets a kickback.)

5. Voted for Covid-19 hate crimes act. Really? A crime is a crime, is a crime. Is it worse for someone to shoot me because they hate me, or they are simply seeing if they can kill someone? Crazy world.

6. Voted so that government does not need a warrent to collect information about people on the internet by looking at their browsing history and the internet providers have to give it. 

7. Voted against warrents so that FISA can spy as it desires.

8. He voted for expanding land and water control. Takes YOUR tax money and buys land with YOUR money for the government. You then have less land AND less money.

9. He voted for mandatory spending for the above land and water fund.

10. Voted for 2.3 trillion spending package. 




What this shows is that Rubio started out really awesome and then slowly over time has become less and less conservative. Rino Hunter 1776 calls this the Rino Curve. It goes down but every election cycle, it goes upward to be conservative in order to get re-elected. It shows over time is progressively passing legislation that infringes on citizens' rights and enables government to take more tax money and become more powerful. 



He is a very high spender among all senators. In the Republican party he is very high. And he spends more than Rick Scott. Loves spending our money. (And all those lovely kickbacks). 


BUT, you have to vote for him. For the next 6 years you will have to have him. A Democrat is WORSE!!!  We cannot afford to have Democrats in power. They are tearing our country apart. Val Demings has $40 million and the Democrats want Florida. You have to say NO to Dems.

Hopefully someone conservative will run against him next time and get out there ahead of the game, get on the ballot and fight for our state.