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Election Integrity

As governor I would push for the following election protocols to ensure a secure election process:

Dump voter rolls legally with the oversight of the Texas Secretary of State and re-register legal voters

No computers or voting machines allowed at polling locations. 

Premises must be throughly searched before counting starts to ensure there are no hidden boxes of suspect ballots. 

Officials and buildings surrounded by trusted people for 48 hours (or until count is announced) to ensure no strange vehicles turn up with ‘found’ ballots. 

Vote secure paper only ballots.  

Voters must be verified with government issued ID.

Absentee only to those with prior, proven identity and valid reason to vote absentee such as military, first responder, medical, correctional, infrastructure employee, or homebound and must be received by the county at least 3 days prior to election day.    

Signature matching required on absentee ballots.  

All ballots kept in open secured area with 24x7 ca