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List with Research by RinoHunter 1776 in regard to each state

Gives voter information and the reason to vote for each candidate. You will see how the situation looks, what about other candidates, and if you need to start getting ready to primary a RINO.


Alabama -- Bring on the Red Tide!

Governor, US Senate and US House

Kay Ivey (R)

Katie Britt (R)

Jerry Carl (R), District 1
Barry Moore (R), District 2
Mike Rogers (R), District 3
Robert Aderholt (R), District 4
Dale Strong (R), District 5
Gary Palmer (R), District 6
Beatrice Nichols (R), District 7


Alaska -- Land of the Midnight Brilliant Red!

Governor, US Senate and US House

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My understanding is that you vote for one category. So for governor--only mark Dunleavy in the first category. Leave the others blank. You would do the same thing for Tshibaka