John Neely Kennedy, LA, US Senate

John Neely Kennedy, LA, US Senate

You have to vote for John Kennedy for Senator, Louisiana

Vote John Kennedy. Vote John Kennedy. Vote John Kennedy.


John Kennedy does have an opponent but the opponent has no where near the $29 million dollars that John Kennedy does. In fact he has no money. It is interesting that John Kennedy is still asking for money...  $29 Million is not enough. The opponent, Devin Graham, is unknown and has no endorsements. Check out RINO Hunter 1776 for more of a run down. Warning, Language!


By default, you vote for John Kennedy. BECAUSE a Republican is better than a Democrat. You MUST vote for John Kennedy. And in six years, find someone  America First that can fight for truth, justice, and the American way, who isn't a RINO.

John Kennedy runs on so many conservative values: Putting America First, Fighting for Louisiana Families, Build the Wall, Secure the Border, Protecting Louisiana Jobs, Draining the Swamp, Bringing Louisiana Common Sense to Washington, Pro-Life Agenda, Flood Insurance & Disaster Recover, Life-Changing Education

He has a reputation for being conservative. He sounds conservative, so why is he a RINO?

  1. Voted against RC 39 -- Advancing an America First Agenda by Prioritizing Domestic Spending Over Foreign Aid -- The Sen. Rand Paul (ACUF Lifetime 97%) amendment #441 to the congressional budget reprioritizes spending “to build roads at home instead of building them around the world.” Specifically, the amendment takes $26 billion in annual foreign aid for economic development programs and instead redirects the funds to domestic infrastructure projects. ACU supports advancing an America First agenda by prioritizing critical American needs over foreign aid and supported this amendment.
  2. Voted for RC 210 -- Growing Government Bureaucracy by Establishing the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation -- The Senator Chris Coons (D-DE, ACUF Lifetime 4%) amendment #1588 to the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act unnecessarily expands bureaucracy to advance a Leftist climate agenda. Specifically, the amendment creates a quasi-government non-profit known as the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI) which is directed to “accelerate the commercialization of energy technologies” (i.e., “green” energy) and would cost taxpayers $30 million in 2023 and likely much higher amounts in future years. ACU supports all sources of energy and believes government should not favor one source of energy over another. ACU further believes the real solution to reduce energy costs is to overturn draconian regulations imposed by the Left. ACU opposes expanding government bureaucracy and unnecessarily driving up taxpayer costs and opposed this amendment. 
  3. Voted for RC 165 -- Providing DOJ Bureaucrats Over-Reaching New Authority via the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” -- The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, sponsored by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI, ACUF Lifetime 2%), provides overly broad authority to bureaucrats within the Department of Justice to advance the enforcement of “hate crimes.” Under the bill, the DOJ must issue guidance to state and local governments regarding hate crimes and establish online reporting, telephone hotlines and education campaigns. Additionally, the bill establishes new grant programs which direct millions of potentially wasteful spending to local governments and community organizations. ACU believes in equal rights under the law for all and that it is the duty of government to ensure all laws are applied equally. ACU recognizes that “hate crime” statutes violate the double jeopardy clause of U.S. Constitution by allowing individuals to be tried for the same crime twice. ACU opposes providing bureaucrats within the DOJ over-reaching new authority – especially at a time when they are tagging concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” for questioning actions of local school boards – and opposed this bill.
  4. Voted for RC 142 --  Fueling Run-Away Spending by Overriding the Sequester Budget Restraints -- This bill further fuels run-away government spending by overriding the automatic spending cuts to Medicare put in place under the 2011 Budget Control Act, also known as the sequester. Specifically, the bill continues to exempt Medicare from sequestration (2% cut) until 2022 at a cost to taxpayers of $12.2 billion. The bill contains no other reforms or spending offsets. ACU believes the tea-party era sequester serves as one of the last hopes for fiscal responsibility, opposes Congress’s continual action of “kicking the can down the road” at a time when the national debt is set to exceed $30 trillion and opposed this bill.
  5. Voted for HR 133 --  Advancing Cronyism and Out-of-Control Spending through a $2.3 Trillion Spending Package -- This spending package epitomizes the worst of the DC establishment’s spending habits. This bill was sold as a COVID-19 response package but actually includes $1.4 trillion in budgetary spending unrelated to the pandemic. The remaining $900 billion was supposedly directed to government responses to the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Negotiated in secret, without the opportunity for elected officials to offer amendments, this 5,593-page omnibus is the longest bill ever passed by Congress and comes just months after the passage of the CARES Act, another $2.2 trillion spending package. The bill contains carve-outs for every imaginable special interest group in the “swamp,” from tax breaks for racehorse owners to $10 million in funding for “gender programs” in Pakistan. While the bill provides $600 direct payments to children and adults earning up to $75,000 a year, the bill represents a cost of $6,925 (plus interest) per every American. ACU believes it is appalling that Congress continues to pass reckless deficit spending while providing lawmakers and the public mere hours to even read the proposals and opposed this bill. 
  6. Voted for S 47 -- Expanding Government Land Control through the Reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund -- This bill makes permanent the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which allows more land-grabbing by the federal government. This fund is used to expand federal land holdings, which produces perverse results that harm private property rights through voracious landgrabs and restrictions on the extraction of mineral rights. Not to mention the National Park Service already has a $12 billion backlog to maintain existing landholdings. ACU believes the private sector and the states are best equipped to manage land, opposes further expanding federal land control—especially considering the federal government controls an astonishing and unsustainable 28% of the country’s total land—and opposed this bill. 
  7. Voted against S 756 -- Reforming the Criminal Justice System - First Step Act -- This bill, known as the First Step Act, makes numerous reforms to the criminal justice system to reduce costs, responsibly lower incarceration rates and improve public safety. The bill focuses on reforming sentencing, inmate rehabilitation and prison safety. The ACU Foundation's Nolan Center for Justice was a leading force behind the passage of the bill and engages in other federal and state-based initiatives. ACU supports efforts to reduce recidivism and reform our criminal justice system, which has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and supported this bill. 
  8. Voted for SJ Res. 52 -- Re-Imposing "Net Neutrality" Regulations on the Internet -- This Democrat-led resolution invokes the Congressional Review Act to re-impose Obama-era "net neutrality" regulations on the internet. These regulations, which were overturned by Chairman Ajit Pai and the Federal Communications Commission, are price controls that prohibit ISPs from charging different rates for faster service or blocking websites. ACU supports an internet free of government interference, which has allowed it to thrive since its conception, and opposes heavy-handed government regulations, such as net neutrality, which have favored some companies while placing over 1,000 small ISPs at a competitive disadvantage, and opposed this resolution. The Senate passed the resolution on May 16, 2018 by a vote of 52-47. This vote was double-weighted due to the fact it would allow government to retake control of the internet, a remarkable driver of innovation and free speech.
  9. Voted against HJR 111 -- Repealing Federal Control Over Private Contracts -- This resolution invokes the Congressional Review Act to overturn an Obama Administration rule that prohibits private contracts that require arbitration to settle disputes. ACU supports the right of private citizens to decide what contracts they sign and to use arbitration to avoid costly litigation without the interference of the federal government and supported this resolution. 
  10. Voted against HCR 71 -- Spending Cuts -- The Senator Rand Paul (R-KY, 96% ACU LIFE) amendment to the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution reduces discretionary spending by $43 billion. ACU supports reasonable spending reductions at a time of annual deficits heading back to $1 trillion and a national debt of over $20 trillion and supported this amendment.
  11. Voted against HCR 71 -- Allowing for a Larger Tax Cut -- The Senator Rand Paul (R-KY, 96% ACU LIFE) amendment to the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution reduces discretionary spending by $43 billion. ACU supports reasonable spending reductions at a time of annual deficits heading back to $1 trillion and a national debt of over $20 trillion and supported this amendment.

These 11 pieces of legislation take citizen money, rights, and land. He voted to make that happen.

John Kennedy's voting record has a 79/100 rating for 38 votes in 2021 and a 82.31/100 rating for 130 votes during his time as senator.


He also voted to fund vaccine mandates with more funding, voted for milk industry regulation, and voted for mandates on businesses and more spending...

His spending is rated very high compared to ALL  Democrats and Republicans, compared to everyone else in the Republican party, and compared to everyone in Louisiana. 

He has spent almost $3 TRILLION dollars!



So, vote John Kennedy for Louisiana senator BUT find someone who is America First in 6 years! And watch this guy!