Joey Gilbert, NV, Governor

Joey Gilbert, NV, Governor



Joey Gilbert - ๐–๐ž ๐‚๐š๐ฎ๐ ๐ก๐ญ ๐“๐ก๐ž๐ฆ (๐„๐ฅ๐ž๐œ๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง ๐…๐ซ๐š๐ฎ๐ ๐”๐ฉ๐๐š๐ญ๐ž)

Election Integrity

As your Governor, I will do everything in my power to secure and protect the integrity of our elections.

Election experts are virtually unanimous in their conviction that these machines have NEVER been fully reliable and harbor flaws that can be exploited. There is NO justification for continuing to use them.

Furthermore, the machine source code holds critical verification data, but they wonโ€™t release it to be audited. If we canโ€™t audit the machine source code to ensure proper verification is happening, they cannot be trusted. Without the machines, hand-count paper ballots with signature verification are the only way to ensure votes are legitimate.

Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m calling for the Secretary of State to require a hand-count paper ballot election.

This step, together with increasing the number of bi-partisan poll worker teams AND signature adjudicators for mail-in ballots, would IMMEDIATELY give Nevada the best possible chance for an honest election in 2022.

Once elected my team and I will restore peopleโ€™s trust in our election process.

On Day 1, I will immediately:

  • Institute voter ID & proper signature verification
  • Clean up the voter rolls
  • Do away with insecure universal mail-in ballots, while only making them available for military and indefinitely confined citizens
  • Work to decertify and replace unsecure voting machines with reliable paper ballots

This work will begin with the smaller counties where we can make a rapid impact on the local level with the backup of the Governorโ€™s bully pulpit.

As you read this, we are working to get the Secretary of State and County Commissioners in all seventeen counties to refuse to certify our current voting machines.

If youโ€™re in Washoe County,ย join the Republican Central Committee. If youโ€™re in Las Vegas, join the Clark County Central Committee.

Whatever County youโ€™re in, be sure to join the local Republican committee. Become a precinct captain, committeeman, and volunteer.

Next, form an Election Integrity Subcommittee, assign Precinct Captains, become poll workers, not watchers! Watchers are only able to witness fraud taking place. Workers can stop it when they see it. In Washoe County, they are already making a big difference!

Start canvassing, door-knocking, and volunteering.

We all must get involved to secure and protect Nevadaโ€™s future.

Fix All Nevada Public Schools

Read my 8-Point Plan on Educationย HERE

Improving Nevadaโ€™s schools are the key to successfully addressing every other challenge facing our state.

Creating better schools requires:

An in-depth understanding of our dysfunctional school situation.

The moral courage to confront everything and everyone responsible for it.

The ONLY long-term fix for our broken schools is a universal voucher system that forces our public schools to compete for students.

This would give EVERY parent of a school-age child - including home-school parents - the State's full-funding amount to apply toward the education option of their choice.

But unitl that voucher system can be implemented, I will make the following changes to our public schools IMMEDIATELY.

  • Replace widespread functional illiteracy and out-of-control student behavior with high achievement and behavioral accountability.
  • Work with counties to replace morally bankrupt and incompetent superintendents and school boards with America-first professionals
  • Replace the racist, distorted political indoctrination of students with curriculum like CRT, with unbiased, high-quality teaching that promotes a commitment to American values
  • Demand operational transparency and campus visitation availability to entire communities
  • Stop the public schools from collecting and sharing data about our children. Our students' data has been breached, placed for sale on the dark web, and sold to the Chinese


FL schools fund at the same amount and are rated 3rd in the nation.

7 other states fund their schools lower than NV and perform much higher


EVERY candidate says that Teachers' Unions are the biggest problem...and they are. But NO other candidate UNDERSTANDS the Teachers' Union problem sufficiently to offer a solution.


The answer is SIMPLE, and it lies COMPLETELY in the hands of Nevadaโ€™s 20,000 teachers.

If NV's teachers want the public's support in taking back our schools, they have to either:

  • Demand that their Union Leaders support the TEACHERS with real school reform, OR...
  • The teachers have to collectively quit/decertify their union, go to the public with the behind-the-scenes truth, and the public will fight WITH the teachers for real change

BUT IF the teachers will neither demand Union changes, NOR quit/decertify their Union, then the teachers are part of the problem and need to be dealt with as such.

Funding the Police and Reducing Crime

Supporting our police officers is the ONLY way to ensure low-crime rates in Nevada communities. I will ensure we have fair and tough police to protect our Law and Order.

Three of Nevada's Four largest cities, have a national crime grade of "F." I will not accept city leaders telling me that their criminal activity is "under control."Police departments, with City Council oversight, exist to ENFORCE the laws, NOT interpret them. Public safety is not negotiable.


Las Vegas is our most important law enforcement situation and demands immediate attention, because Nevada cannot be successful without a safe and financially successful Las Vegas.

Las Vegas' crime problems are many and serious, and result from Governor Sisolak using Fairy Tales instead of facts to deal with the city's many challenges. In spite of the following facts, Sisolak and the Metro Chief of Police claim that "crime is down" in Las Vegas.


  • Las Vegas has a higher incidence of crime than 85 out of every 100 American citie
  • Las Vegas' murder rate increased 110% in 2021
  • There's been a 30% increase in car-jackings, with assailants frequently ranging between 14-15 years old
  • Las Vegas' violent crime rate is over twice the national average. Las Vegas is one of the top 5 cities in the nation for reported frequency of child sex-trafficking
  • The newest wave of illegal immigrants (over 10,000) that has been allowed into the Las Vegas area has turned it into a de-facto "sanctuary" city and county

Meanwhile, Sisolak and Metro SAY they are against this illegal immigration, but do NOTHING to stop it.

I would not allow our state to be sent people who came over the border illegally, and let them cut in front of those who are trying to come here lawfully.

As Governor, I will STOP the Las Vegas crime epidemic that threatens our state's future. I will make sure that district attorneys and judges do their part in supporting police officers - especially regarding the prosecution of misdemeanors and lesser-felonies. I will ensure that laws are enforced based on hard evidence, rather than on the judgeโ€™s' and DAโ€™s personal and/or political beliefs.

I would also work to REPEAL the "Bloomberg Gun Law." It wrongfully puts law enforcement emphasis on law-abiding citizens, and ignores street criminals.

Second Amendment

Samuel Adams said it best, โ€œThe Constitution shall NEVER be construed to prevent...peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."

As a lawyer, I know for a fact that more restrictive gun laws do NOT result in less crime. They just make it harder for good people to defend themselves. As your Governor, I will always protect your Second Amendment rights.

This includes fighting back against suppressor bans, assault weapon restrictions, magazine size limitations, and more.

On day one as Governor, I will also support Constitutional Carry. I will repeal the โ€œBloomberg Gun Law,โ€ and fight back against Red Flag Laws. These laws wrongfully put law enforcement emphasis on law-abiding citizens and ignore dangerous criminals. As the pandemic has tragically shown in countries like Australia, when the people give up their guns, tyranny quickly follows.ย 

You have the right to defend yourself, your family, and your property. I will always protect these God-given rights.

America & Nevada First


I'll repeal any taxes that were recently pushed through the legislature in closed sessions and without the peopleโ€™s input and participation.


After all, in Nevada we regulate and tax: gaming, prostitution, cannabis, and strip clubs. I donโ€™t care about what you do in your bedroom in Las Vegas. Just donโ€™t ask me whatโ€™s in my gun cabinet in northern Nevada.


24/7 Availability -ย All essential government services will work on around-the-clock shifts to better serve the needs of Nevada residents. Our casinos are open 24/7. I trained to fight full 12-round fights as a boxer. Why is our government closed more than 2/3 of the time?

Governorโ€™s Liaison Office in Washington, D.C. -ย I will establish a federal office in the nation's Capitol to work with our US senators and congressional representatives to specifically represent the people of Nevada, and get results!


The organizations that oversee Nevada's Colorado River water rights will be closely monitored and supported to help ensure that our most essential natural resource is fully protected and wisely distributed.

Agriculture uses 70% of Nevada's water, while only 17% goes to personal use. Working with nationally-recognized experts on alfalfa irrigation, I've found that helping farmers use more efficient irrigation methods could save 30-40 PERCENT of the amount of water currently used for irrigation, while maintaining the same level of alfalfa production...or even higher!ย 

This would mean that our state could operate with an annual SURPLUS of water!

We will help the mining industry continue to do whatever is required to keep our ground water safe.

I will stop the irresponsible wasting of federal dollars on vaccine lotteries, and instead, fund and reward research projects that find better ways to conserve Nevada water.

NV Energy Needs - Now and in the Future

We compensate for this by buying the extra electricity we need from other states.

NO ONE would say that this is an ideal situation for Nevadaโ€™s energy future.

70% of NVโ€™s electrical generating plants are powered by natural gas. That would be a good thing, IF...Nevada had ANY significant amount of natural gas of its own - which we do NOT. We have to buy almost 100% of it from other states.

To clarify: If these other states decided to stop selling Nevada natural gas...we would LOSE 70% of our electricity.

Our state is blessed with many options for renewable energy. Solar and geothermal sources produce about 30% of our electricity...but itโ€™s still not enough. There is much research being done - and much hope for the future, for what is known as Modular Nuclear Power Plants. โ€ These are very small nuclear plants for generating electricity that could help meet our electrical needs more safely and efficiently than was done in the past.

But this is in the FUTURE, and we need to take IMMEDIATE steps to secure OUR energy needs NOW.

As Governor, I would look at the entire state energy profile Iโ€™ve described.

I would do everything possible to get us AWAY from relying on OTHER statesโ€™ resources to meet OUR needs for electrical power.

The Mining Industry

  • Mining contributes so much to the state and has been repeatedly and unfairly attacked by Sisolak.
  • Mining companies pay 15% MORE tax than ANY other business in NV. I will work to reduce this.
  • NV provides 14,000 mining jobs averaging $96,000/year
  • 75,000 MORE jobs are supported by the mining industry.

The historical problems of NV Mines Creating Water Pollution?

Not in NV - Not any more

My campaign TALKED to the federal regulatory agencies that oversee NV mining

  • โ€œNVโ€™s Mining Companies are NOT polluting groundwaterโ€
  • โ€œNVโ€™s mining companies are complying with ALL government rules and regulations.

Criminal Justice Reform

Individuals who were convicted of felonies for marijuana use should have an opportunity to appeal those convictions.

I would initiate a thorough examination of the policies and operations of the Nevada Department of Corrections.

Being incarcerated IS the punishment. Once inmates begin serving their sentences, the focus needs to be on meaningful rehabilitation programs.

Gang influence and the existing racial segregation practiced by inmates and guards must be eliminated.

The large flow of contraband into our prisons by prison staff must be stopped.

Prison operations need to be fully transparent. Facts and figures regarding the 13,000 men and women incarcerated in Nevada need to be readily available to the public.


As you may already know, over 1,000 homeless people are living underneath the Las Vegas Strip in pitch-dark, filthy sewage pipes. When I am Governor this is going to STOP!

To allow addicted and/or mentally ill human beings to live in filthy, degrading conditions is NOT compassionate. It helps neither the homeless individuals NOR their communities.

In Reno, government officials are ignoring federal law and allowing hundreds of homeless men and women to illegally camp on and pollute the primary water source for 500,000 Washoe County residents. This also stops immediately when Iโ€™m Governor.

I agree with how the chronically homeless themselves describe the situation: 90% of them are NOT willing to change the lifestyles that KEEP them on the street.

Food, employment, shelter, mental health services, and drug/alcohol treatment programs are abundant.

I will enforce the laws firmly and impartially so they can choose to be arrested or utilize the social services that can save their lives.


The humanitarian crisis of human trafficking is putting millions of American lives at risk. It is also endangering millions of lives of those being trafficked. Both of these crisis will stop when Iโ€™m Governor.

Nevada has the highest unemployment in the nation and cannot afford to take asylum seekers, I will never allow a sanctuary city within our borders.

My mission is to protect American jobs and ensure that LEGAL immigration is the only way into our state.


Nine thousand annual abortions in Nevada are a tragedy.

Itโ€™s also terrible that thousands of unwanted babies are born to unprepared and unsupported Nevada women each year.

We must address the SOURCE of this problem. I will work with parents, churches, schools, and community organizations to more effectively teach our children strong moral values, respect for human life, and themselves.ย 

I will also promote community programs to support at-risk pregnant women.

This would greatly decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and prevent women from having to decide between an abortion and raising an unwanted child.


The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be the Gold Standard for the regulation and safety of athletes and combat sports worldwide.ย 

No longer will we lose fights to Texas, FL, or Mexico due to the costs involved to promote fights in Nevada. As a Champion Boxer I know the fighting world inside and out and it will be a great honor to solidfy Las Vegas as the fight capital of the world.ย 

We will welcome promoters of all shapes and sizes, and combatants at all levels to participate in the excitement and energy of fighting in the fight capital of the world: LAS VEGAS!