Hunter Pullen, LA, US House, District 5

What We Stand For


Accountability, Integrity, Transparency

Individual Rights Under the Constitution 

The bill of rights has repeatedly been infringed by The US Government. The right to Freedom of Speech and Protest was violated during the year of 2020. Innocent protestors were violently put down by the policing forces of those areas. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack and "debated" since this countries inception. I believe the Founding Father's were very clear and it can not be left up for interpretation, and it should not be infringed upon. The 4th Amendment has been under attack as well. All over the nation we are seeing illegal search and seizures of people's vehicles and homes. I will fight for and defend your individual rights to the last breath.

Government Accountability

There are 1,046 Federal programs without reauthorization from Congress to include, but are not limited to the ATF, DEA, The State Department, and The Federal Election Committee. I would see these programs audited to gauge how successful or unsuccessful they operate and adhere to the constitution, as well as prevent them from operating without reauthorization from Congress in the future.

Public Safety


I support our first responders, but at the same time they should be held accountable when they do wrong.  I would see all first responders receive increased pay in an effort to attract quality individuals to these professions, with much higher standards being in place to reflect the level of training required to rate this pay increase.

VA Reform


The VA is in dire need of reform. Many veterans can't afford to drive hours away, and even if they do they may be forced to go into the private medicine world in an effort to fix what the VA claimed was fine, or simply to avoid complications from waiting 6 weeks to have a bone set. I'm a veteran and use the VA for all my medical needs so I know the pains every one of my brothers and sisters have to live with. I will fix these problems, and if elected I will personally head a committee dedicated to passing legislation for a better VA for our veterans.  

Affordable Healthcare

Certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes have ridiculously priced medications, forcing many into severe debt, or having to ration their medication just to stay alive.  I will propose legislation to bring the price to a point an American on minimum wage can afford without damaging their livelihood.

Affordable Higher Education and Education Reform 

I will propose legislation for an opt in program for American citizens to buy in at X amount, wait X  amount of time, and receive X amount with that amount providing an additional  X amount percentage to assist with cost of living while attending school.

Our children are our future!! I've served time in the Marines to ensure this opportunity for the youth of America. I would see academics in schools properly funded with modern textbooks, and programs to educate in various trades. Along with higher pay for teachers on a graduated scale in reference to subject matter.

Education, Regulation, and Legalization of Cannabis 

Based off Colorado's cannabis sales report: to date from 2014 to mid 2022 the total sales to date are $13,113,903,020. In 2021 Colorado as a state collected $423 million in tax revenue from the total sales of cannabis. I would create legislation that used the tax revenue from cannabis sales to fund first responders, education, infrastructure, and other concerns of the state.

Industries in Louisiana / Economic Growth

Louisiana is a state of many industries. Ranging from tourism to oil production, but the economic growth has been slower than most states, and has trailed well behind the national average. Louisiana is often referred to as a "poor state" but this is not entirely true. We are a rich in natural resources that our country, and much of the world relies on. We run into the issues of "poor" because these same resources are shipped out of state to be processed, while our tax burden on individuals and business continues to increase.  Sadly, Louisiana residents then follow that resource to the jobs out of state with lower taxes which creates a net-out migration which hurts our state economically. This is an issue that can be addressed on the federal level with helping to bring back production and manufacturing jobs to our home state.

  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Salt
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Chemical Production
  • Health Care