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Parents are Greater than Politics

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Secure and Protect the Rights of Parents

It is a fundamental liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.

But what does that mean?
That means parents have the right to make decisions regarding their child's education, health, and mental care under the protection of the Florida Constitution, which is explained in the Florida Parents Bill of Rights.

Drain the Swamp

Legitimize a Verifiable Budget & Accountability Measures

Strengthen Morale Through Professional Development

When our educators are successful, so are our students, and that is why Christy will fight for educators every day. She will advocate to increase their pay, improve overall working conditions, and develop enhanced professional development opportunities to all of our education professionals.

Outside of parents & families, the greatest influence in our students lives are the teachers, staff and coaches guiding and instructing them each day. Teaching is a calling based on a deeply-rooted desire to not only educate, but mentor our students. The very last thing any teacher in Lee County should have to worry about is whether or not they'll have access to the professional development resources they need in order to be successful as they carry out their passion for the benefit of our children. As a member of the Lee County School Board, Christy will ensure that our teachers & staff have the professional development resources necessary to achieve their highest potential.

Here's a breakdown of what it covers.

Health Care & Mental Health

  1. The right to make health care and mental health care decisions for your minor child, unless otherwise prohibited by law. 
  2. The right to make medical decisions to address any needs of your minor child. This is a matter between you, your minor child, and a competent health care professional chosen by you. 
  3. The right to exempt your minor child from immunizations for religious reasons. 
  4. The right to help your minor child in a time of crisis before the initiation of an involuntary psychiatric examination unless there is substantial likelihood that without care or treatment your minor child will cause serious bodily harm to himself or herself or others in the near future, as evidenced by recent behavior. 
  5. The right to be notified immediately if your minor child is removed from school, school transportation, or a school-sponsored activity and taken to a receiving facility for an involuntary examination. 
  6. The right to refuse to give your minor child psychotropic/psychiatric drugs as a requirement for attendance or participation in public school services. 
  7. The right to refuse psychological screening of your minor child. 
  8. The right to opt your minor child out of any services offered under the school health services program by submitting a request in writing. 
  9. The right to access and review all medical records of your minor child, unless prohibited by law or if you are the subject of an investigation of a crime committed against your minor child and a law enforcement agency or official requests that the information not be released. 


  1. The right to direct the education and care of your minor child.
  2. The right to direct the upbringing and the moral or religious training of your minor child.
  3. The right to apply to enroll your minor child in a public school or, as an alternative to public education, a private school, including a religious school, a home education program, or other available options, as authorized by law.
  4. The right to access and review all school records relating to your child.
  5. The right to consent in writing before a biometric scan of your minor child is made, shared, or stored. This includes the right to opt out of any district-level data collection relating to your minor child not required by law.
  6. The right to learn about your child’s course of study, including the source of any supplemental education materials. This includes the right to inspect school district instructional materials.
  7. The right to object to instructional materials and other materials used in the classroom. Such objections may be based on beliefs regarding morality, sex, and religion or the belief that such materials are harmful.
  8. The right to withdraw your minor child from any portion of the school district’s required comprehensive health education that relates to sex education or instruction in acquired immune deficiency syndrome education or any instruction regarding sexuality if the parent provides a written objection to his or her minor child’s participation.
  9. The right to be notified in advance of such course content, contained in (#7) above, so that you may withdraw your minor child from those portions of the course.
  10. The right to learn about the nature and purpose of clubs and activities offered at your minor child’s school, including those that are extracurricular or part of the school curriculum.

Per Florida Statute:
A parent of a minor child in this state has inalienable rights that are more comprehensive than those listed in this section, unless such rights have been legally waived or terminated. This chapter does not prescribe all rights to a parent of a minor child in this state. Unless required by law, the rights of a parent of a minor child in this state may not be limited or denied. This chapter may not be construed to apply to a parental action or decision that would end life. 

Parents are the most qualified people when it comes to making decisions for their children; that's why protecting their rights is my number one priority. I would accomplish this by offering parents a real seat at the table when it comes to their child's education, and a larger voice in the bargaining process. To start I would advocate for the formation of a Parents Board Advisory Committee consisting of in person, virtual, and homeschool parents.

Ensure Healthy & Nutritious Meals for Every Child


This is a picture of a school lunch taken by a student in Lee County. This is unacceptable. No one should have to eat whatever that is pictured above, especially our children. This is a top priority of Christy's, and she plans to ensure healthy and nutritious meals are provided to every student in Lee County schools.

This all starts by looking at sustainable distribution from local Florida farms. According to the FL Department of Agriculture's most recent Overview and Statistics report "Florida’s 47,400 farms and ranches utilize 9.7 million acres and continue to produce a wide variety of safe and dependable food products."

According to Feeding Florida "from 2020-2021 66/67 counties saw an increase in weekly missed meals."

Restore Community Trust with Open Communication

Endorsed by:

  • Stand for Health Freedom
  • Guatemala US-FL Chamber of Commerce
  • Latino Community
  • Patriot Parents
  • Alfie Oakes
  • The HIspanic Vote SWFL
  • United Christian for America
  • Liberty Pro-Life Movement
  • Christian Conservative Coalition
  • Families for Freedom Sanibel Island