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  • Event Planning
    I am in Racine, WI. Are there any groups meeting here I could attend a meeting? Thank you.
  • Event Planning
    Hi. I'm happy to have found this group. Reading the comments, might there be a different platform to use for communicating other than Facebook? I rarely use that social media site. If we are fighting against the propaganda and control, then educating the others in this group about using one of the other more friendly sites is needed, I think.
  • Event Planning
    Sad to see only five members.
  • Grassroots Organizer
    Hello ladies...well this makes me sad. 3 people :( We got to get the word out!! I barely go on FB but I am on some other sites that I most definitely will post on. Where in WI are you?
  • Grassroots Organizer
    Anyone have any suggestions on how to bring more Wisconsinites to this group? I've been attending meetings and people are interested and passionate about this in WI. However, they seem to still be wedded to Facebook as THE organizational tool. It's a dilemma.
    • Grassroots Organizer
      I think we need to continue posting the links on FB. I know a lot of people don't want another platform to "digitally weed" so it will be a challenge.
    • Event Planning
      Hi. I just joined this group after learning about it from the Defend Your Voice - virtual Summit on Fighting Back the Woke Lies. I'd like to share my thought about how to find more members in WI. I don't think using Facebook is the best way. I think many who are aware of what is happening likely don't use that social media site, or at least not that much. I am rarely on that platform. I heard about this possibly on Truth Social. I don't remember how I became aware, but it wasn't on Facebook.
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