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Garland Favorito, Founder of VoterGA and Ricardo Davis, Chairman of the Constitution Party GA presented at the Defend the Union Election Integrity program during a breakout session.  Garland's PPT was loaded with the details on what happened with the Georgia Election, the lawsuit and ballot inspection.  A big thank you to Caroline, Raj, Maureen and all those who made the Election Integrity Summit a success and providing the stats.  Click on the links to the entire summit and the GA Breakout Session below:

Here is some follow up information about the summit.

 Replay of summit: 

 Link to the GA Breakout session recording:

 Number of people at your Go To Meeting session: 87

 Viewership and Participation:

  • Defend The Vote Live Viewers:42,000+
  • Total Defend The Vote Breakout Session Participants: 3,818
  • People who filled out the call-to-action form: 4,266
  • People who registered to Defend their state following the summit: 402

The National Virtual Summit Survey Results

 Your Top Election Integrity Concerns:

  • Voting Machines capable of manipulating/altering vote counts: 1,635
  • No voter ID or inadequate voter ID:431 
  • Other entries: 316 
  • Voter fraud through mail-in ballots:269 
  • Voter rolls contain ineligible voters: 121
  • Non-citizens coting: 109 



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