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    Just joined ... Michelle Malkin has had some relevant videos and articles in the past few years about politics in Colorado.
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    Join the Dominion Class Action Lawsuit. The lawyers are located in Denver and are taking on Dominion, Zuckerberg and the corrupt politicians in the swing states. Please share this information far and wide!

    Are you a registered voter?
    Dominion Voting Systems has violated our civil rights. You may qualify to join the Dominion Class Action.
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    Hello! We're working on cleaning up voter rolls. Here's some info. Meeting tonight in Grand Junction and tomorrow in Denver. Worth 10 mins.

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    Hello! What can we do to get more members? There are a lot of Coloradoans who want to help save our state and our country.
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      I’ve wondered the same. It’s like Patriots have jumped off Facebook and are now slow to jump back onto new platforms. Nobody knows which platform to use or how to use them? Or maybe it takes time to grow?

      It’s time to heard the cats!

      Can we get an influencer to advertise/host a Q&A session on defend our union on CloutHub and/or website?

      I suspect a chatter-fest would draw people in
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      There's a lot of Patriot activity on Telegram. There's a small Colorado group called Save America - Colorado - It's news and discussion channel for COLORADO and national issues. Voters who support Donald J. Trump and the “SAVE AMERICA”, “FightBack” and “Defending The Republic” PACs - CPAC MAGA AmericaFirst God & Country. If you're on Telegram, please join and help build up the group. Here's a link: https://t.me/SaveAmercaColorado
      Save America - Colorado
      A news and discussion channel for COLORADO Voters who support Donald J. Trump and the “SAVE AMERICA”, “FightBack” and “Defending The Republic” PACs…
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    Hello Patriots!
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