Please HELP  this unjustly accused father who is standing up for his freedom, his family, and his neighborhood.



So once upon a time...

There was a young boy at an elementary school who threw his mask in the trash. 

The teacher did not like this and the principal made him take the mask out of the trash and wear it.

The father of the young boy became upset.

The father asked two other men to come with him to talk to the teacher and principal.

The teacher was not happy and left the meeting to get paperwork.

One of the dads called a senator and the police to see what to do next.

He was told to get the paperwork and to leave.

So the men got the paper work and they left.

Media spread word that these men were going to arrest the teacher and threatened to zip tie her. The teacher said this and cried on TV.


 The men received threatening letters.


Three days later one of the men received a ticket for trespassing on the schoolgrounds. This somewhere between speeding ticket and loitering in severity. Notice that the court showed that there was no validity to what the teacher had reported.



This particular man, Kelly Walker, hosts a podcast, Freedom Talk, and runs a coffee house, Viva, in Tucson, Arizona. He was known for bucking mask mandates and not providing signs to encourage customers to be aware of covid-19 issues. Viva even allowed people to be closer than 6 feet.The shop had been closed down and he and his family were harrassed and received death threats. Their shop was put on the "Wall of Shame".

Walker read some of the threats he had received at a board meeting. Because he continued to read them after being told not to (lots of profanity), he was escorted out by deputies and cited for being disorderly.


An ongoing battle into the requirement of masks and the force purchase of face shields finally allowed the reopening of the coffee shop. Not surprisingly there was an uptick in business, the shop added an American flag to their logo, and patriots hosted parties at the coffee shop.


So Walker had a past reputation with the city.

The men are releasing the visual video of the meeting at the school to show the public that there are no zip ties and that the teacher is upset but not in fear. 


The men made a video of the meeting and shared it. 



Kelly Walker has his final court appearance Wednesday, October 26. His legal defense in regard to the school visit is costly. He is hoping for HELP on GiveSendGo. He is hoping to raise $5,000. 

This is his plea:


For nearly 3 years, Kelly Walker, has stood up against tyranny, providing help and support for thousands of people standing up against mandates, orders, cancel culture, and governmental persecution. Now the corrupt Left is using the courts as a weapon to try and silence him.

Of course, Kelly's defiance of unconstitutional tyranny made him a target for persecution. His most current challenge is a fake news trial for where the Vail, Arizona School District, and the City of Tucson are prosecuting a misdemeanor 3 trespassing charge like it's a felony! Additionally, two ex-felons who have harassed and threatened to kill Kelly's family, are suing him and a Republican candidate in superior court. They won't win but are misusing the judicial system as a weapon.

He has abundant evidence and a good lawyer and expects full exoneration, but Kelly needs assistance with legal fees. He's helped so many others over the last 2 ½ years, but now he needs your help.


Feel welcome to attend the trial

Wednesday, October 26,

9 am,

Tucson City Court
103 E Alameda Street
Tucson, AZ


Links for Kelly Walker's Viva Coffee Shop:

Freedom Talk Magazine and Events


Kelly Walker Blog    A July 6 complaint against Pima County. Link to May Newsletter, and More  

And of course, there is a menu

Contact Page  


If you can help him beat and expose the corrupt Pima County officials, please support Kelly Walker financially but most definitely spiritually. 

Stay strong.


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