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Cosmetics without compromise.

Rather than lower our standards to fit society’s, we have raised ours to meet Heaven's. We do not have to compromise any longer.

Free from the crudeness that often comes with big label beauty brands, Hope Beauty operates in a spirit of purity too. Our number one mission is to glorify God. 

Hope Beauty is named after its founder, Hope Harvard. Inspired by the Biblical beauty of the women in Scripture, Hope Beauty aims to remind women that their true beauty comes from God. 

The Biblical definition of “hope” is a cherished desire along with the confident assurance of obtaining that which is longed for. The beauty of hope is the sweet salvation Jesus Christ has freely given to those who call Him their Lord and Savior - hallelujah! 

Instead of being captivated by the world we have chosen to be influenced by the Word. Our influencers are the strong, courageous, faithful, and powerful women of the Bible. By following their Godly example, we can