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These are the people’s elections & we need your help verifying the receipts.

When & Where:

  • At precinct polling locations on election day prior to opening (6am) & right after polls close (7:30pm)

  • At Board of Elections offices/warehouses on election night at 7:30 pm

  • After logic & accuracy testing

  • As soon after election as possible to image all tapes that weren’t imaged, yet

watch 1 min video below to understand why the public should verify the zero tapes and results tapes
read Justice Department

1. Read through ALL the information on this page
2. Watch video of how to use the ‘Actual Vote’ app
3. Download Actual Vote for iPhone or Actual Vote for Android
4. Print legal statutes and affidavit form
5. Register in advance for training session - we will use app on grocery receipts for practice at training
6. Test app at training session by using a cash register receipt *.
7. Schedule a time at county BOE office to image tapes from previous elections and

About Transparent Elections NC

Our mission is to confirm that every eligible vote is counted as the voter intended by working with elections officials to ensure that elections are secure, transparent, robustly audited, and publicly verified.

evidence based elections = confidence in elections

“The principle of ‘evidence-based elections’ is that local election officials should not only find the true winner(s) of an election, but they should also provide the electorate convincing evidence that they did.” - Andrew Appel & Philip Stark

Learn more: Georgetown Law Tech Review "Evidence Based Elections"


Former U.S. Congressman and Philadelphia Political Operative Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud Charges

Here is one instance where insider fraud may have been detected had the public made an effort to observe/photograph the zero & results tapes. 

Wake County, NC Director of Elections engaging in Harassmen