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Clark County Commission Special Meeting


26 minute Rumble by Conservative Box, July 1, 2022


Mindy's comment on the video on Gab @AmericanAFMindy

We knew they were going to cheat and poorly cover it up, so this time we were ready for it.

For 2 and a half hours (I’ve condensed it down to highlights here) voters and poll watchers testified to all the fraud that occurred during the Nevada primaries. Most notably, the DMV “changing” people’s party registration to non-partisan and sending out the wrong ballots en masse, there was absolutely no observation being allowed by poll watchers even though they had a court order to, and mail-in ballots were marked with what party they belonged to on the OUTSIDE of the envelope…which is illegal for obvious reasons. 


"We knew they were going to cheat, and we knew they were going to shamelessly try to cover it up and ignore us…but this time, we were ready for them."

Item 1: Public Comment by people who had witnessed fraud.

21 min