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Florida News Report, Editorial, June 20, 2022

Florida News Report has been on fire and telling it like it is.. Read their past articles also. 



REC whistleblowers haven't stopped contacting Florida News Report.

After receiving overwhelming response from Republicans around the state and expressing the difficulty they are finding in joining their county Republican Executive Committee (REC), a pattern that may be emerging. 

Vetting Prospective Republican Members


Republicans from multiple counties reported that from within their RECs, the decision to start vetting prospective members was made. Their original understanding was that Republican voters have to be members of the party for one year before they can join their local REC and that is the only criteria. One Charlotte County REC member sent FNR the following statement:  

“This war between the Establishment and the constitutional and limited government grassroots has been going on for decades.  I encouraged about six of the strongest