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Rumble NorthWest LIberty News, July 25, 2022

Interview with Jane Rectenwald (Founder Montana Election Integrity Project) by James White (Host of Critical Disclosure Radio)

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Discerning Truth in a Sea of Lies

The founder and director of the Montana Election Integrity Project (MEIP), Jane Rectenwald joins me live to discuss the 2020 election steal and how it impacted America and Montana specifically


Exposing the truth.

Jane Rectenwald was elected to local government study commission in MIssoula in 2003. She  was on Citizen Court on Signature Envelopes July 2021. Found that over 5,000 votes in Missoula County being counted without corresponding signature envelopes showing chain of custody. Several counties besides Missoula received free Zuckerberg money.

Jane started the Montana Election Integrity Project to research and answer questions.  

Truth is something we have problems discussing. Let's not be adversaries but find what happened in 2