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Article on Conservative Brief, by Jon Dougherty, June 3, 2022


A shocking new report lays bare the anxiety many voters continue to feel about ballot integrity following the 2020 elections.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Democratic primary for a county in Georgia has been called into question after a hand count revealed that voting machines were off by thousands of ballots.

Democratic DeKalb County School Board member Marshall Orson, who is running for the county commission, asked the local election board on Thursday not to certify results as it was scheduled to do because of “numerous errors” with the local race, the paper noted.

Instead, he requested an “independent review” as well as a formal recount of the election in a letter to the board.

“There is no rational basis for believing that there are not continuing issues with the results and the results should not be certified with the continuing existence of multiple substantive issues and concerns,” Orson wrote. “Doing

Article by Gregory Hoyt, June 7, 2022


GEORGIA – Commentator Nick Mosedar delved into another installment of the controversies surrounding the primary elections out of Georgia, detailing how election results had to be recertified in both Cobb and Fulton counties due to egregious errors in how votes calculated through Dominion voting machines wound up being incorrectly tabulated.

Mosedar first dove into the conundrum that occurred in Cobb County, sharing a video featuring the county elections director explaining during an emergency meeting how several thumb drives containing full-blown ballots were simply not uploaded following the closing of the polls during the county’s primaries.

Thus, a re-tabulation and recertification had to be conducted in the county to account for the over 2,000 ballots missed the first time around. Mosedar remarked on just how insane it is that people simply forgot to upload these thumb drives in the first place.

“You have 11 precincts. Each precinct has two scanner

VoterGA Issues Demand Letter to State Election Board

ATLANTA, May 23, 2022 – VoterGA announced today their drop box video survey team determined that
102 Georgia counties were unable to produce drop box surveillance videosfrom the November 2020 election.
The team obtained admissions from 72 counties that all of the videos intended to monitor drop boxes for ballot
trafficking were destroyed. VoterGA volunteers made the determinations by submitting Open Records
Requests (ORR) for the videos from each county. Thus, video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots.
At a November 9, 2021 press conference, VoterGA announced that their ballot image analysis team
determined at least 70 Georgia counties were unable to produce all the original ballot images from the
November 2020 election. Digital ballot images are created automatically by the Dominion voting system for
results tabulation. The team obtained admissions from 56 counties that most or all of their ballot images were
unavailable. A total o

There are a multitude of questions that remain unanswered about that 2020 election. One factor that an analysis concluded "bought" the election for Joe Biden was the $420 million Mark Zuckerberg handed out to various elections officials, and in many cases was used to turn a local elections office into a get-out-the-vote campaign for Democrats.