defend florida (2)

22 August, 2022

Raj Doraisamy represents Florida at the Moment of Truth Summit.


In just over 10 minutes a passionate Raj praises the volunteers of Defend Florida for their wok gathering data in over 30 counties in the state of Florida. 

Patriotic volunteers are the hope for our country. They are taking their time from what they would be doing to save America. 

Data was put into a manner that state officials can grasp because Defend Florida wanted to see ACTION. 

If officials do not act, rallies and data gathering is pointless.



Looking at the Florida Voter Roll Data base, the data base that says "this is the collection of people who are allowed to vote". 

If that Data base is compromised, the election is compromised. 

Defend Florida volunteers canvassed 14,000 people. Almost 5,000 of those DID NOT LIVE AT THE ADDRESS. Over 400 people were DEAD. 


Defend Florida then saw there was a correlation between "vote by mail" and the errors. 

Vote-by-mail combined with machines which we cannot see the soft