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An online book. by Erik van Mechelen, running for Secretary of State, Minnesota

“There’s no way we can ever trust a computer system built with components made overseas, particularly in China, or assembled in China, let alone both, and that’s what we have in our voting system, unfortunately.”

—Col. Shawn Smith, USAF, Ret. – 25 year Air Force veteran and the former director and test manager for the operational testing of complex, computer-based weapon systems and a subject matter expert on the security of computer-based election systems, calling into a Tarrant County, Texas meeting


Be prepared to want to settle down and really get into this. 

It is totally free but there is a link if you want a hard copy or audio.

It starts in China where he is living with his family. A unique perspective in regard to communism and a republic. 

Some excerpts:

"And when the deeply corrupt are confronted, it is to be expected that like cornered prey they will fight and fight dirty to prevent their corruption from