Florida Election Fraud -- The Moment of Truth Summit

Florida Election Fraud -- The Moment of Truth Summit

22 August, 2022

Raj Doraisamy represents Florida at the Moment of Truth Summit.


In just over 10 minutes a passionate Raj praises the volunteers of Defend Florida for their wok gathering data in over 30 counties in the state of Florida. 

Patriotic volunteers are the hope for our country. They are taking their time from what they would be doing to save America. 

Data was put into a manner that state officials can grasp because Defend Florida wanted to see ACTION. 

If officials do not act, rallies and data gathering is pointless.



Looking at the Florida Voter Roll Data base, the data base that says "this is the collection of people who are allowed to vote". 

If that Data base is compromised, the election is compromised. 

Defend Florida volunteers canvassed 14,000 people. Almost 5,000 of those DID NOT LIVE AT THE ADDRESS. Over 400 people were DEAD. 


Defend Florida then saw there was a correlation between "vote by mail" and the errors. 

Vote-by-mail combined with machines which we cannot see the software and elected officials that are not "in the know"  --spells WE CANNOT KNOW THE TRUE ACCURACY of our elections. 

When we look at the vote-by-mail, you can see that phantom votes cast are a problem. Phantom votes mean that person voted. but they are either dead, do not live at the given address, or the given address is not a residential address. 31% of the mail-in votes had a problem of being a phantom vote. 



Defend Florida took the data to elected officials in Florida but no one cared. We put the data into 3 points. We used language such as--"it appears" and "it looks like" that this is what happened. Now people could grasp what the issue was. 


It is essential to discover the WHY and HOW of being blocked. 

Florida has 67 counties and each county has their own supervisor of elections. These people are the ones in charge of the entire county election process. The county elected that person and that person is accountable to those people who elected them. 

In Florida there is something called the FLORIDA SUPERVISOR of ELECTIONS that is NOT elected. They are a trade association. This organization is now BETWEEN the supervisor of elections in each county AND the people who elected them. 

This is unconstitutional.



They say they are there to inform the supervisor of elections in the counties. Their website has information from 2020, but it is 2022. The statutes should be listed for 2022. There have been changes.


This is important because this organization put roadblocks in the way for Defend Florida in regard to meeting with elected officials. Once this was understood, we discovered the leadership involved with that organization. 

Then Defend Florida was able to pressure those specific individuals--politically. 

Political pressure on a group is FUTILE. Individuals must be focused on. This pressure is legal, lawful but effecting that person's career. Others then see this and WAKE UP. 

So this is what DEFEND FLORIDA did. 



They started in 2021 and analyzed data for a year. Then in 2022 they pulled together a national team. 



Florida officials said there would NOT be any Election Integrity bill in 2022.



Volunteers kept contacting officials and found some supervisors of elections who DO believe in fair and accurate elections. They talked to legislators, law enforcement, the secretary of state, and the governor's office. 




The governor actually signed a bill to increase penalties for ballot harvesting so that it is a 3rd degree felony. 



Florida only voted red in the 2020 election by 3% along with 800,000 errors in the Florida voter database. 

Coordanation of volunteers combined with addressing election officials shows that this is what did work and does work.

We are the Plan. You are the Plan. Do this in your own state.

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