Thomas Payne Jr., LA, US House, District 3

Thomas Payne Jr., LA, US House, District 3



Lane's Priorities

         As a Pastor in Abbeville for over 20 years, I have watched as the good people of South West Louisiana have been seen as more of a side note than we deserve. We have some of the greatest resources in America and that means in the world, yet the business climate seems to struggle more than states that do not have our resources. We need a different level of LEADERSHIP in Washington to highlight the people of South Louisiana, who are some of the hardest working people I know. We need to turn around our economic, agricultural, educational and business climate so that the people of our Great State can live in an atmosphere that matches our resources. We need someone with the moral backbone to stand against the elite corruption, the deconstruction of our value system and stand up for the people who elected them. I will stand up for the principles of Family and Strength that my Louisiana roots and your support demands.


Parental Rights

          One of the greatest issues of our day is the fact that there is an agenda to take away the Parental Right to choose what is best for their children. This is true in every arena but is most prevalent throughout the public education system of today. Parents should have absolute unbridled access to every aspect of curriculum being taught to their children. The public school system is designed to educate our children, not indoctrinate them with hatred, division and self-loathing.  This is not a shot at Public Education as I am most thankful for the multitudes of educators whose entire purpose is to teach our children rightly.  But there is a move within this present administration that is bent on indoctrinating our children and using the public schools as their bully pulpit.

          I do NOT believe that any public-school authority; coach, teacher, administrator or counselor has the right to speak privately to any child about the child's sexuality without the parent being present. I have watched as this abuse of positional power (influence) has destroyed young people’s lives by leading them into making life-long decisions that so many have already come to regret.

          If a child cannot carry the weight of deciding of who to vote for at an early age, who believes that they can carry the weight of making a life-long decision of this magnitude? The practice of some educators wrongly using their platform to discuss their own personal sexuality with children must be BANNED from the United States of America with a Parental Rights Act!

          Our nation was designed in such a way as to give full access to everyone the opportunity to succeed and for everyone else to celebrate that success. But there is work afoot to do away with “United we Stand and Divided we Fall”.  We need to bring back the reality of “We are all created with unalienable rights by our Creator—Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

          Our government was designed to protect those rights ONLY—not decide which ones they want to give because they do not have the power to give those rights to the citizenry, nor do they have the right to pick and choose which ones they take away. Every parent has the right to choose the best course for their children; whether that be in educational curriculum, what type of vaccine that they want them to have or NOT have and even in the arena of sexuality.


          Over the past 1 ½ years, we have witnessed the greatest self-inflicted crash of our nation's economy and transfer of wealth in the history of this nation. Yes, I know Covid had a great deal to do with that downward spiral. BUT true leadership sees approaching disaster and starts turning the ship before it hits the rocks. The problem is there is an agenda in Washington that actually wants our economy where it is today because it believes it is the best way to move the nation into their forced agenda.

          Everyone opposed the lunacy of the Green New Deal yet the typical political way to deal with opposition is to hide the agenda, call it by a totally different name and STILL MOVE FORWARD. So they placed a very heavy foot on the throat of the Energy Sector—which is a life blood of our economy. The resulting escalation of fuel cost has led to devastating consequences. It has crippled the economy, small businesses and dealt a heavy blow to our elderly who are just trying to survive on a fixed income.

          The answer to our economy is NOT a back door fix on interest rates—it is a change in agenda! We must unleash our energy sector to reach a NET EXPORTER position into the earth again. This will open the job markets, lower the cost of EVERYTHING, create an atmosphere for Small Businesses to crank up and take away the emboldened confidence of our foreign adversaries.


          The entire mindset of “Wokism” is the most insane ideology we have ever witnessed as a nation. I am convinced that the most beautiful thing in the world is someone being the best of who they are created to be,… and the ugliest thing in the world is someone trying to be who they are not!  We do not need and should not allow boys to compete against our girls in athletics just because they couldn’t “Make the Grade” against other boys.

          The personal pronoun change garbage is leading our children, our corporations and even our military into utter confusion.  Our military needs to be AWAKE—not WOKE!  When our military is fighting on foreign soil, their enemy isn’t going to be concerned with hurting someone’s feelings with words—they are trying to kill our soldiers.

          We need to get back to what made the United States of America GREAT and the present administration is not leading us there—it is leading our nation in the opposite direction. It is time to turn this ship around. For way too long people have gone to Washington to become part of a system that cares more about themselves than the people they were elected to represent. I believe that can and will change this November.

Border Security

          We need to finish the wall on our southern border so that we can regulate who is coming into our country. This is not to be mean spirited towards those who want to come to our Great Nation, but it is no different from maintaining the right to decide who does and does not come into our own homes. Drug Cartels are freely trafficking deadly drugs and people across our southern border as though they are in charge. Then, those who come across are given resources to live in this country, paid for by our tax dollars. I personally know many who have come into the United States "the right way" and are prospering as a result. To allow anyone to subvert the legal process is criminal to those who paid the price of doing it right, to all Americans who are flipping the bill and this must be stopped.


          I am unapologetically Pro-Life. I believe in the sanctity of human life from conception without reservation. I believe that the Supreme Court righted a wrong that has lasted for nearly 50 years, with the overturning of Roe. I also believe there are more corrections of past wrongs that should be looked into in order to return the Governing of the people BACK to the people. 


         I am completely Pro-Israel as they are God's chosen people, through whom He sent His Son. In the end God is going to bring salvation back to Zion and we will all rejoice with them.

Genesis 12:3

3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."  NKJV

Common Sense

         I believe it is high time to bring some Common Sense and the backbone of our Founding Fathers back to the seat of decision making in Washington. There is chaos in every sector of society today and no one is immune. We need to bring justice back to the forefront in DC as well. Lady Justice needs the blindfold of impartiality covering her eyes again because no one should be beyond the law. Every American needs to feel safe in their homes and on their streets. Every American needs to feel confident that their vote matters. Every American needs to believe that their convictions are being heard. 

It can be done RIGHT!