Stan McDaniels, FL, Escambia County Commissioner, District 4

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Bringing Public Service Back to Politics
Stan McDaniels for County Commissioner, District 4


"Growing up, I got to see the product of all the corruption that has gone on in this town for such a long time," McDaniels said. "And I'm tired of seeing it all happen."

He seems to be everywhere, stomping for freedom, red, white, and blue. He only has about $3,000 compared to his opponent who has $33,000. But he is unstoppable. 

You will find him with his "suit" t-shirt and now his amazing patriotic suit emblazoned with American flags on the collar.

He is pro-Jordan Karr. He is at car shows and on 4th of July he was seen open carry in downtown Pensacola with a constitution in his hand wishing everyone Happy Independence Day. At least until 5,6 hours later when he was reported. 


He interviews homeless, goes to our county Secretary of Election Office, health care clinics, committee meetings, and bits of everywhere. 

He is supporting the people who are trying to improve our country, with a focus on people and infrastructure mixed with humor and humbleness.

McDaniels said his own story is a "redemption story" after being arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell and manufacture/deliver a hallucinogen when he was 17. He served probation and was able to get his GED in 2001. In 2010, he graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in construction management.

McDaniels said he believes the county and city should work together more and said he believed the county should help build a bathroom at Veterans Memorial Park.

It was my work as a freelancejournalist that helped me understand how to better Question Authority.


Things we love about Florida Emerald Coast weekends...Sharing the water with the dolphins.
Video taken at Sand Island near Pensacola in Escambia County shared with Studio850 News by a follower.


God First

Let's clean up our #local governments.

"Thing is I’m not waiting and if you still are [waiting] I’m here to tell you there are things you can do in your own community. Dig into your #localpolitics and find the truth. It’s there you only need to look!"

"In My Opinion it’s a bottom up fight! That’s why @greggphillips is creating the Fusion Center! No one in my #local community seems@to be investigating the local #corruption but citizens. There’s no one to report it to that I’ve found. It’s public record them giving away $3.5 million for administering the vaccine in my county alone! 67 counties in FL! CAREs funding follow the money! No one asked for it!"



It's All about Knowing Your Community

"I’m not a comms guy. Just a patriot trying to stand for freedom. I buy my sons a silver dollar every year. It’s not much but I also have the fruits of my labor! Even my broken body cam hold my family together long enough for my sons to grow. So much data I’m keeping it #local but I know my town is very connected to the root cause. The candidates in D2 are a doozy!"

"What I have noticed here on #truth is there are still plenty of people who may not understand where their battle is. You must know by now if DC is your place. So if it is I want to say thanks! If it is not your personal battle I pray you take your battle to the #localpolitics Gate!

Isaiah 28:6 I pray the Joy of the Lord be your strength as you take Primetime99’s lead and go to the #local meetings! Know your place and get to work. CAREs Act funds are a great place to start following the money!"

Promoting Home Town

"My not so little brother was born in Mesa and I’ve been through your state many times. Wishing you the best! I’m running for #local Escambia County FL Commission District 4 come and see our great beaches and Rivers! It’s corruption all over the panhandle but We The People are awakening! November 11-12 is Blue Angels Homecoming airshow and supposed to be the first time back on base since the terrorist attack!"

Talk about money and laundering through charities and moving drugs through the mail

"I’ve been sitting on a bench by myself a few times trying to bring this to the publics attention! Health & Hope Clinic in Pensacola is a farce as is the United Way West Florida!"

"Escambia County FL Commission is doing the same things with multiple non profits! Sometimes it only seems like small amounts. They say United Way is because of their amazing reports on how many locals graduate the local University. It’s 30% of #local college students that graduate. Total Scam from eSCAMbia county!"

"Yeah they’re totally legit! NOT! They want to pretend they don’t know what they deliver EVERYDAY! I got a clue for you and it’s Tons of Illegal Drugs EVERYDAY!"