Scotty Moore, FL, US House, District 9


U.S. House 9 Republican Debate between Scotty Moore, Jose Castillo, Sergio Ortiz and Adianis Morales.


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Fire Pelosi.

It is long overdue for Speaker Pelosi to be ousted from her Speakership role. After presiding over two sham impeachments and doing her best to ram through a progressive, far left, out of touch agenda, it is time the American people use their voice at the ballot box in November, flip District 9 from blue to Red, take back the House, fire Nancy Pelosi, and Save America!

Protect Life.

All forms of life, from the womb to the grave are sacred. I am a 100% pro-life Christian. I will work tirelessly to protect the rights of all unborn children. I will work to cut federal funding for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood and make sure that Roe is not codified in law.

Secure our Southern Border.

Joe Biden’s radical left agenda has left our southern border porous. Democrats in Congress have no problem sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to fund a proxy war but refuse to fund a fraction of that to finish President Trump’s Border Wall.  Once Republicans take back the House and the Senate, we will fortify our southern border and finish the wall. 

I am all for America being that shining city on the hill. Inviting and welcoming to everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation.  But they need to come legally. I met my beautiful wife in Brazil, and she came to the states, but went through the process the legal way. We must get back to that.

School Choice.

I believe in advancing policy reforms that empower parents to choose the schools, courses, resources and programs that best meet their child’s unique needs, interests, aptitudes and learning styles. A one size fits all approach is not conducive to every pupil in a classroom. A zip code should never be the deciding factor in a child’s future and education and a child’s parent/ parents should be at the center of every conversation surrounding the child and what they are being exposed to in the classroom. 

Support our Military and Veterans.

Our nation must retain a modern and highly skilled military, poised to strike and deter our enemies around the world at a moment’s notice. I support updating our forces to focus on our main threats, China and Russia. For the past 20+ years, we have focused on ground counter-terror and counter-insurgency operations. We have to pivot and put ourselves in a fighting position to counterpunch and defend effectively every warfare domain, especially cyber and information warfare.

We must also be in a position to provide the best care possible to these brave men and women once they come home from serving abroad.  Whether that be continuing to reform the VA, allowing Veterans to select their own healthcare provider, and providing enough resources as it relates to PTSD and mental services; we owe everything to these brave men and women and should see to it that they are always taken care of. 


It is a God given Constitutional right for any man or woman to defend themselves and their families. Protecting our Second Amendment rights is vital to preserving our freedom. Times may have changed, but our founders had it right more than two centuries ago: the right to keep and bear arms is essential to protecting and providing for our families. There is no evidence that increased gun restrictions prevent the tragedies we’ve seen in recent years.

Cut Taxes.

I believe in a low tax, free market style economy. I would champion legislation that promotes free-market solutions that unleash entrepreneurialism and fuels the American economic engine for all. Any regulations that stifle innovation should be eliminated. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act under President Trump in 2017 is a blueprint for how conservatives should legislate moving forward. Low taxes and free markets encourages prosperity and puts more money in the pockets of American families.



Both people he is endorsed by have great solid conservative records.


Taken off ballot temporarily because he signed the wrong item. Sued and was reinstated. Had to fight GOP to get back on.

Meet Scotty Moore

My name is Scotty Moore.  My beautiful Brazilian/American wife, Ester, and I have been married for nineteen years and we have two amazing daughters, Isabella (14) and Sophia (11).  For over twenty years I have worked with a Christian non-profit and made it my mission to help transform lives through leadership development and pointing people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, like many of you, the direction and condition of our awesome country concerns me.  The America our children and future grandchildren will inherit from us is being attacked and under serious threat of not existing any longer if we do not ACT NOW.

For these reasons (and so many more), my new mission is to help SAVE AMERICA by running for U.S. Congress in Florida’s Ninth Congressional District.

I believe there are moments in our lives and our nation that impact, and even define generations.  We are in a critical moment in our nation’s history and I believe it is because we are experiencing a leadership crisis in America.

Leadership matters my friends.  The leadership crisis we are experiencing is threatening the stability and future prosperity of our great nation and the well-being of Americans. Unfortunately, many leaders in Washington D.C. are plagued by this lack of leadership.

We need change NOW.  

I believe nations rise and fall because of leadership.  Consider Venezuela – twenty years ago, it was once a rich and thriving nation and look at how far it has fallen today.  America is heading in that direction right now!  If we do not wake up and change course, and our children and grandchildren will pay the price.   

I feel compelled to run for U.S. Congress because I believe leadership makes all the difference - in families, communities, organizations and governments.

What if Governor DeSantis had lost the election in 2018?  Florida would look like California and New York.  But, because of the leadership of our great Governor, Florida is a beacon of hope for our nation and the rest of the world! 

Our future: our children, and future generations are at risk of inheriting an America worse off than what we received, and the solution is to send trustworthy people to Washington D.C. that are committed to lead, represent the people, and defend our sacred Constitution.

One thing I can say with conviction and personal experience is that the United States of America is the greatest country on earth! I will always support and defend the constitution, our freedoms and an America first policy.   This is why Chief Mark Meadows endorsed and supports me. The 2022 mid-terms will be a defining moment in our nation’s history, and we must fight every day and work hard to take back the House, fire Nancy Pelosi, and SAVE AMERICA!