Saving America

It's all about the TRUTH.  And a few other things...

Marjorie Taylor Greene just tweeted, We've lost the information war. In a 2.5 minute video she mentions the purposeful division in our country.


Truth is the problem and the solution. The cockroaches in our government scurry in the darkness. 

We must pay attention to what they are dealing with, clearly let them know what we expect them to do, and publicize, publicize, publicize. 

  1. Make a list of volunteers
  2. Watchers must go to every board meeting and publicize what happened.
  3. Every executive committee must have list of all officials.
  4. There must be people assigned to watch them.
  5. An online and paper report on present and upcoming decisions. 
  6. A list is made of all incoming perks, donations, funding. 
  7. A list of all pressures on them such as visitors
  8. A list of all trips. 
  9. A list of their income. 
  10. A list of their decisions. 
  11. This information is available to all media and pertinent organizations. 

The idea is to keep them honest. 


Watchers must go to every board meeting and publicize what happened.In the Bible, Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6--Advice is given on how to be strong in God's power. This starts with standing firm and covered in protection. First wear a belt of truth. Our chest is protected with righteousness. This is that we are doing the right thing for the right reasons. Our feet are covered in readiness, knowing the story of peace. We hold onto faith as a shield which kills evil attacks. Our heads are protected by salvation. We fight with the Spirit, which is our sword, God's word. Pray, request help, be aware and ready. Always pray fo each other.  


We Can Fix It!


Excellent Interview by Glenn Meder of Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center.

Local is where it's at. We have to become active locally and take back our counties. If we don't become part of the government, we will get more government.

Researchers need to find out who is bringing policy and make the politicians feel the pain of their decisions.

Watchers go to meetings and listen and get a feel for who leaders are and upcoming decisions.

Spokesmen--good at speaking. Representatives of multiple organizations. So more power. I represent so and so... But I represent another...

Pick an issue to fight. Keep it simple. Go to meeting. Next day is most important--keep fighting. Dig in! Don't stop.

Exactly--we don't know how!! 200 seat warmers in city council. Hold a sign in demonstration. It's a START.

We need to expose the one guy who is pushing something, where are they getting their money AND knock that guy out. Baby steps. One at a time.

Pick an issue--property rights, abortion, ONE thing!!!

Stop sleeping and start researching into the TRUTH! Conspiracy theorist--someone who knew before we did. Don't accept what you hear.

Spotlights, publicity scares the WOKE. The TRUTH scares the "enemy". Boycotts show power. Stand up. Don't be afraid.

Question and protest policies of TV and phone listening to you. Pull that capability. Don't allow your devices to listen to you. 

Protecting finances--Ask politicians--do you support....? There is a question form such as property rights--- do you agree with this and have them sign it. Use signed form as a weapon.

Create a freedom pod. Leave your home, join with people who agree with you in the community.

You are not helpless. Do NOT give up. ALWAYS protect property rights. This helps all citizens.

Boards work for you, don't let boards tell you what to do. Boss the boards. 

It is a crime if someone's private property is taken from them.

It is a good idea to pull your assets out of government control to where you control them. Form an underground economy. Perhaps form your own currency with those around you. 

People do what they have to do to survive.

Join hands. Join together. 


America Policy Center. Providing Information for over 30 years.  Archive

Catching Fire News

Activist Handbook

The New American  


Publicity, publicity, publicity. 

Problem--citizens are losing rights, property, and cash. Those that work are supporting those who choose not to work. 

Problem--we elect people but do not hold them accountable

1. Recruit Repubs;

2. Pass integrity laws;

3. Give money to those you believe in; fed, gov, supreme court, state;

4. Get out the vote, get out the ballot

Get rid of RINOS

Keep the America First


ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption & censorship by media/tech/finance/pharma giants and politicians:

1)Cancel Cable ,Satellite,or Streaming TV bundles (All channels should be made available individually so consumers don't have to give money to channels they don't want to)

2)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches. Boycott Facebook,Twitter,Google,Amazon,Apple,Netflix, Microsoft,Paypal and other big tech/media/finance/ pharma companies. Consider selling shares of big tech/media/finance/pharma stocks and funds and invest in the best pro-freedom companies you can find ,such as Rumble.

3)Bank with small local banks. Invest with brokers like Interactive Brokers whose founder Thomas Petterfy publicly warned about the dangers of Socialist/Authoritarian government and TZERO which was created by Overstock & founder Patrick Byrne to stop naked short selling and enable same day trade settlement. Buy from smaller local stores and pay with cash.

4)Demand IMMEDIATE pardons for Julian Assange ,Edward Snowden , non-violent Vaccine mandate protesters and election fraud protesters.

5)Use Pro- free speech social media sites.

6)Use web browsers like Brave rather than Chrome/Safari Use search engines like Brave rather than Google Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail. Post videos to Rumble, Odysee & Bitchute rather than youtube Shop online at smaller independent retailers rather than Amazon

7)Use Linux OS like Linux Mint or others on your PC rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS (Almost any PC can be switched to Linux & Linux is free)

Use degoogled Android phone or flip phone rather than iPhone or Google Android Avoid a "smart" TV and use a dumb TV Use a Linux mini PC on your TV for video streaming/web browsing rather than smart TV apps/roku/apple TV. Turn off WiFi on smart TVs.

Full action plan link below:


Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, October 3, 2022

7 steps to Save Our Elections


  1. Demand GOP observers be stationed at major ballot transfer locations. This includes USPS Regional Centers, tabulation center loading docks, and so on.
  2. The total ballot count of what arrives or departs must be provided to observers at the major ballot transfer locations.
  3. Demand that the “Total Ballots Cast” be provided on election night. Knowing this total of “all voters” who participated prevents late ballots from being added. Most just publish the ballots they “counted”, then update this over time.
  4. Have all distance rules terminated, like that 6 foot scam. Allow qualified observers into all areas of the tabulation center and polling locations.
  5. Demand all delivery vehicles that move ballots or equipment, especially rental trucks, be equipped with temporary GPS tracking.
  6. Each county has its own unique issues. So ask for more than what you want. Then reach a settlement agreement for what you really need.


  1. Find out how many lists were provided to the print vendor, and their time stamps.
  2. Does the vendor check each list to verify those voters have not already been sent ballots?
  3. Does the vendor data scrub the addresses using USPS services to reduce undeliverable mail?


  1. In many States, the tabulation staff cannot leave until polls close. Have cell phones waiting just outside their entrance.
  2. The support team must accept & vet calls in real-time and have some staff close to the center.
  3. Command must escalate the issue immediately to numerous top county officials by phone, or enter their offices.
  4. Negotiate a resolution in a timely fashion or require a temporary shutdown of the faulty area.
  5. Send the issue and those obstructing to the media. This includes local radio, TV, national sites, social media influencers.
  6. Option of renting a motor home, for those worst tabulations centers, parked nearby as the command center.

4. deposit large volumes of ballots at one time. The “Emergency” and “Satellite” centers are known locations to accept massive ballot dumps. They have little in-person voting but end up with bins full of mail-in ballots that were dropped off. It’s important to have eyeballs on these locations and to disrupt any “bulk ballot delivery”. A bizarre USPS court ruling two days before the 2020 election led to people in plain clothes dropping off trays of ballots at vote centers in swing States.

5. Ballots that many call “return to sender” are actually named Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA). These authentic blank ballots are to be returned to the jurisdiction. They are huge numbers that seem to disappear in almost every major county. A tray with just 200 UAA ballots can be worth as much as $4,000 to bad actors. Keep a damn close eye on these in your jurisdiction. This Lake County, FL official is next to a full rack of Voter postcards that were all undeliverable (UAA).


  1. Are any real-time type data feeds available for analytics?
  2. What do you do with the UAA ballots?
  3. What is your plan for dealing with the (UAA) undeliverable ballots?
  4. How do you flag UAA ballots and in what type of timeframe does that occur?
  5. Can you provide the USPS daily report that lists the number of UAA ballots they processed?

7. hree separate PDF checklists to help election workers create “Incident Reports”. These are specific to Polling PlacesVoter Experience, and Machine Testing. More importantly, they show GOP staff what areas to look out for. All 3 checklists and training videos can be downloaded at this website. There’s also a video on how to customize the form to your county or State. 

8. Join organizations:

Tea Party Patriots – Allows you to sign up and choose from 14 interests. One of the better.

GOP Victory – This is the RNC. Shows meetings across the U.S., post events, and more.

Operation Overwatch – Although new, it’s for hardcore patriots. Some law enforcement backing.

Election Integrity Network – Insightful newsletters, part of the Conservative Policy Institute.