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It's all about the TRUTH.  And a few other things...

Marjorie Taylor Greene just tweeted, We've lost the information war. In a 2.5 minute video she mentions the purposeful division in our country.


Truth is the problem and the solution. The cockroaches in our government scurry in the darkness. 

We must pay attention to what they are dealing with, clearly let them know what we expect them to do, and publicize, publicize, publicize. 

  1. Make a list of volunteers
  2. Watchers must go to every board meeting and publicize what happened.
  3. Every executive committee must have list of all officials.
  4. There must be people assigned to watch them.
  5. An online and paper report on present and upcoming decisions. 
  6. A list is made of all incoming perks, donations, funding. 
  7. A list of all pressures on them such as visitors
  8. A list of all trips. 
  9. A list of their income. 
  10. A list of their decisions. 
  11. This information is available to all media and pertinent organizations. 

The idea is to keep them honest.