Nathan Wesenberg, MN, State Senate, District 10

Nathan Wesenberg, MN, State Senate, District 10

Meet Nathan Wesenberg - The Conservative For Senate


Husband, Father, Wildlife Biologist, Lifelong Resident of Little Falls, and Patriot

Nathan is a wildlife biologist by trade, and a patriot by choice. As a husband, father, Christian and life-long resident of Little Falls, he can no longer stand idly by and watch politicians greenlight California Car Regulations, Tax Hikes, Spending Increases, Mask Mandates, Emergency Powers, and other atrocities that threaten your way of life.

You can count Nathan to be a bold advocate for the issues that matter most. Slashing taxes, protecting our second amendment rights, and standing up for your children (born or unborn).


Morrison County Record, Apr 14, 2022

“People want a fresh face who isn’t a part of the political class and someone who will fight for their values, not be a rubber stamp for party leadership,” he said. “Our country is not recognizable to the one I grew up in. We need to fight back now, to save our nation for our children and future generations.”

Wesenberg said he is running to stop the madness of what he feels are illegal and unconstitutional COVID policies as well as to institute election integrity with Voter ID laws, auditing an disclosure of the voter rolls, pass Constitutional Carry, restoring people’s individual, God-given, constitutionally protected rights, Stand Your Ground laws to protect families and businesses, Life At Conception legislation to protect the unborn, ending income tax laws that steal from people and to punish criminals who commit violent crimes.



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Hello. I am Nathan Wesenberg. I was born and raised in Little Falls Minnesota and still reside here with my wife, Doctor Jennifer Wesenberg and three children. I am running for Minnesota Senate, because our country is in bad shape. I do not want my children to grow up in a world that is worse off than the one I grew up in.
I was raised by hard working parents and had a great extended family. My dad was a baker and my mother was a softball and volleyball coach and continues to substitute teach. I was taught to work hard, be honest and not live beyond my means. We may not have been rich monetarily, but I had a very loving and caring family.
I was in the woods and hunting and fishing before I could walk. Being outdoors and in nature is home to me. I have always had a passion for science and biology which lead me to my career as a Wildlife Biologist. I formerly worked for the DNR in Brainerd and have done much wildlife research at Camp Ripley. I worked at a dairy farm for Wally St. Onge for a few years also. As the kids got older, and life got crazier, I decided to stay at home to spend time with them.
Having worked for the government, I have seen the corruption and inefficiencies that take place. I cannot stand by and watch my community, state and country be destroyed by high crime, high taxes, overreaching mandates, corruption, and big government. Over the past six months, I have chosen to take an active role as a leader in my community and get things done. We have succeeded in protecting our children and protecting our Constitutional rights and freedoms, when area leaders said it couldn’t be done. I am part of a community, and we could not have accomplished anything without listening to each other and working together. I want to hear from you, tell me what you need. By working together, we can be a powerful voice and protect our God-given liberties.
It would be an honor to serve you as a Minnesota State Senator. We are a community full of God loving patriots. With team work and dedication we will take our community and country back.