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The 2020 Presidential election proved the U.S. election system needs accountability across the spectrum. Following the election, Lankford said what we all knew -- that there was significant fraud in the 2020 election. He gave us his word he would object to certifying fraud on January 6th, but when the day came that we needed him most, Lankford flip-flopped like a fish out of water and caved like a coward to certify a lie. Lankford then came back to Tulsa and apologized for questioning the fraud, equating it to racism. We must investigate and get to the bottom of the 2020 fraud to ensure it never happens again. I will fight for holding those accountable for the steal, and I will fight to mandate voter ID requirements.


We are witnessing an unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border, created by the radical left. We saw historic decreases in border crossings under President Trump, and now, historic rises after President