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Fighting to Restore American Liberty

With God, all things are possible

I Believe In The American Dream

I’m the great-grandchild of European immigrants, and the grandchild of war veterans. I was born in 1979 on Veteran’s Day in Toledo and grew up in the old Polish village, right off Lagrange Street.

I graduated from Calvin M. Woodward, joined the United States Air Force, got a master’s degree and certification in Project Management, and spent many years in both the Nuclear and Automotive Industry.

I know what it’s like to work hard and achieve the American Dream and I want to keep the same opportunity available to all of you!


Politicians need to stop telling us, “We can’t,” and start asking us, “How can we help?”

A leader is only as good as their team and an elected official is only as good as their constituents. Sure, a bad leader or politician with a strong team may be viewed as successful but only in an artificial sense. When public opinion wanes due to a lack of trust or follow t