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With all the hoopla about Tulsi Gabbard turning on the Democrat party, it is difficult to know if she is sincere. Only time and actions will tell. 

Here are some other politicians who left the Democrat Party to become Republican

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  1. Michele Bachmann
  2. William Bennett in 1986, U.S. Secretry of Education
  3. Herman Cain
  4. ? Tulsi Gabbard in 2022, Hawaii U.S. Representative
  5. Phil Gramm in 1983, Texas, U.S. Representative and Senator
  6. Eric Greitens in 2015, Missouri Governor
  7. Rudy Giuliani, New York City Mayor, Attorney to President Trump, Democrat who became Independent in 1975, to Republican in 198010855137691?profile=RESIZE_400x
  8. Jesse Helms in 197