Julian Acciard, NH, Governor

Julian Acciard, NH, Governor

We are the Evolution of the Revolution!!! 


"There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle. - Alexis de Tocqueville

"Those who would give essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Governors Debate--1st Half

Governors Debate--2nd Half

Come join us, we have a plan to save America and to grow the conservative movement. Let's turn New Hampshire Red!!!! The time of maintaining the status quo is over, it's a New Era!!!!!

I spent my time on the ground working on election integrity, parental rights, state sovereignty, fighting mask/Vax mandates, and fighting CRT indoctrination. We must fight to protect women's sports.


I believe we are all airing our individual grievances with the state. The establishment, which is the most bipartisan entity in DC, has effectively convinced us to discount and ignore each other's grievances in order to escape unscathed by appropriate criticism. We deserve better representation in congress and citizen representatives without aims to pervert their position for personal gain or morally omnipotent desire to control the citizenry in their pursuit of happiness.


As an advocate for legal immigration, Julian believes a clear pathway must be streamlined and enforced to directly benefit the United States.

All immigration must go through designated points of entry. Current laws must be enforced, we must not aid in the process of obscuring our immigration laws or the relocation and disbursement of illegal aliens into our Granite State.

Businesses that hire illegal immigrants must face proper penalties. 

Above all, immigration must take a back seat when our nation’s citizens are without work and the economy is in decline.

The principle of putting Americans first -- especially in their native country -- must remain the focal point of our politics. this applies to Granite Staters as well, I will focus on securing our great free state for future generations.


Economic Revitalization​ 

Individuals, families, and communities thrive when their economies are intact.

Economic revitalization is required when certain communities struggle with basic living. Therefore, as an advocate of economic conservatism, Julian proposes the following solutions, which keep more income localized:

  • I will never sign away our economic advantage by purposing or supporting an income tax and I will always take a viable opportunity to lower the tax burden on citizens statewide
  • New job opportunities for citizens
  • Creating more businesses
  •  Granting better access to business capital
  • Accessing better job training and educational resources
  • Advancing home ownership opportunities
  • I will work to help lower the tax burden on elderly homeowners on fixed incomes for who rising costs are closing in 

Election Security

The 2020 Election highlighted a pressing issue within American politics: the need for election security.

As an advocate of voters’ rights and election integrity, Julian calls for Voter ID standards based on a system that can be distributed to every citizen, to include those convicted of nonviolent crimes who have paid their debt to society and reintegrated into society

Julian proposes a new, more secured approach, which includes:

  • An end to out of state college students voting in state while retaining their residency and domicile in another state
  • A Voter ID system that would track anyone attempting to vote multiple times or those using false identification
  •  A voting system audit to be conducted each election year, every 3-6 months during that year, plus an audit days before Election Day
  • An immediate count of all absentee ballots submitted prior to Election Day
  • And all early votes to be verified using two copies of certifications


2nd amendment 

As a member of the NRA and the USCCA, Julian believes “a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

A free people should be an armed and disciplined people. Sufficient arms and ammunition is vital to maintain an independent status against those who attempt to harm or abuse American citizens. I will never advocate for the confiscation of guns, assist in the enforcement, or establish any new gun laws. New Hampshire is a constitutional carry state, and it WILL stay that way


In the words of the late Malcolm X, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

As a strong advocate of school choice, Julian believes changing the methods of education is paramount to each student’s success. From homeschooling to charter schools to private schools, parents deserve the right to select the best educational option for their children. Julian as an advocate for the purity of classical education believes that if the children of our great nation are provided all the facts, that they will love this nation and defend Lady Liberty as he volunteered to do in the marines. 

Climate Change

Building a greater America requires implementing new strategies to protect our environment.

As such, Julian believes in the natural gradual transition to renewable energy, and firmly advises that if this is a valid path forward, nuclear energy must be a part of the conservative conversation.

Solar and wind power are good supplemental energy providers, however logistically they cannot power the nation by itself and all options must be on the table to include Nuclear and Thorium reactors. Before investing into these pathways, the technology must be viable on its own without government subsidy or interference before it will ever be able to support us as a country.

As a nation, even after pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords(an unconstitutional treaty), we still hit our required markers while all other nations failed to do so.

With the right experts and gradual, public acceptance, citizens will be better suited to welcome these new changes. I will not force nor engage and assist in the forced transition to green energy.


Let be completely clear that I am Pro-Life and given the reservations of many conservatives to actually vote or propose legislation on this issue, I am optimistic about the cultural impact the pro-life movement has had recently and I believe our best avenue to continue moving the ball forward is at the state level as many other states have done. Over the years we've been attacked for forcing the birth of babies but ignoring the situation after birth, and to this degree it is true, I believe we rectify this situation by fixing the foster care system, adoption system, and creating economic and educational opportunities so these young women can keep their children. By taking an "All Angles" approach to the issue, I believe we can give young ladies so many options for success with their child that abortion isn't even a thought.  

i believe our state house to have been spectacular on this issue recently and they're energized for future steps in the right direction towards protecting life,


If you'd like to volunteer your time, reach out with ideas, positions you'd like to add to my platform, meetings you'd like to schedule, please do. As I'm a representative of district 1 and my local community, I'd like to address all your concerns to my highest ability and solve problems. 

Campaign Phone: 619-398-5197

Email: Julian@julian4nh.com