Democrats Who Became Republicans

With all the hoopla about Tulsi Gabbard turning on the Democrat party, it is difficult to know if she is sincere. Only time and actions will tell. 

Here are some other politicians who left the Democrat Party to become Republican

(This site is still a work in progress)

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  1. Michele Bachmann
  2. William Bennett in 1986, U.S. Secretry of Education
  3. Herman Cain
  4. ? Tulsi Gabbard in 2022, Hawaii U.S. Representative
  5. Phil Gramm in 1983, Texas, U.S. Representative and Senator
  6. Eric Greitens in 2015, Missouri Governor
  7. Rudy Giuliani, New York City Mayor, Attorney to President Trump, Democrat who became Independent in 1975, to Republican in 198010855137691?profile=RESIZE_400x
  8. Jesse Helms in 1970, North Carolina U.S. Senator
  9. John Hoeven in 1996, North Dakota Governor and U.S. Senator
  10. Kay Ivy in 2002, Alabma State Treasurer, Lieutenant Governor, Governor
  11. Ron Johnson in 1997, Alabama State Representative
  12. Vernon Jones in 2021, Georgia State Representative
  13. John Neely Kennedy in 2007, Louisiana State Treasurer and U.S. Senator
  14. Larry Kudlow in 1981, Director of National Economic Council
  15. Jared Kushner Advisor to President Trmp and Director of Office of American Innovation has been Democrat, Independent and Republican
  16. Kari Lake went from Republican to Independent in 2006, to Democrat in 2008, to Republican in 2012, candidate for Arizona governor10855146684?profile=RESIZE_400x
  17. Trent Lott in 1972, Mississippi, U.S. Representive and Senator
  18. Roy Moore in 1987, Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court
  19. Ron Paul in 1997, Libertarian to Republican
  20. Mike Pence in 1980, Indiana, U.S. Representative, Governor, Vice President
  21. Rick Perry in 1989, Agriculture Commissionor and Governor of Texas
  22. Ronald Reagon in 1962 was president of the Screen Actors Guild and fiecely anti-Communis, Later became 33rd Governor of California and then 40th President of the U.S.10855142265?profile=RESIZE_400x
  23. Condoleezza Rice in 1982 because Carter invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and because her father was not allowed to register to vote by Democrats but Republicans allowed him to vote., U.S. National Security Advisor and Secretary of State
  24. John Rice in 1988, Alabama State Senator
  25. Frank Rizzo in 1986, mayor of Philadelphia
  26. Richard Shelby in 1994, Alabama U.S. Senator
  27. Chris Smith in 1978, New Jersey, U.S. Representative
  28. Tom Tancreda Colorado has been in Constitution , Republican, Independent and back to Republican in 2017
  29. Donald Trump in 1999, 45th U.S. president has been Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Reform. From Republican to unaffiliated in 2011
  30. Ivanka Trump in 2018, Daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump