Dan Lux, LA, US House, District 2

Dan Lux, LA, US House, District 2

Enough of the Nonsense!

"I’ll stop the nonsense and fight to return Louisiana, and the country, back to their great potential!"

I’m not a politician, but like you I’m fed up with the fools and fanatics in government destroying and our lives and freedoms while living by a different set of rules for themselves. It’s time for it to end!

Only a few short years ago, Louisiana was a state of economic growth, a worldwide tourist destination where millions came to celebrate its distinctive beauty, and one-of-a-kind food, festivals, and culture. Today, it’s a grim shadow of its former self.

Under Democratic rule New Orleans has become the murder capital of America! Homicides are up 155%, Carjackings are up 191%, and the homeless crisis is out of control.

Combined with some of the most burdensome business regulations in the country, people who once called Louisiana home are now calling it quits!

LA is 25th among states in total population, yet ranked 5th in people leaving, while surrounding states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas are attracting residents.

New Orleans has turned its back on the people who love it. Those who make it great. It’s heartbreaking to see proud New Orleanians who no longer feel safe, no longer consider Louisiana their home.

All this is largely due to what’s happening in District 2 under the failed leadership of Troy Carter and the Democrats. It’s unacceptable and now it’s time to take the District back!

Ordinary people, like you and I, who play by the rules, follow the laws, pay our taxes, and care for our families have had Enough!

It’s time to get rid of career politicians who only serve their own self-interest and elect leaders that are not in it for the money, the power, or the prestige but instead for the love of this country and a passion to build a future of prosperity and freedom for everyone.

If you see what’s happening and have also said, “Enough!”, then it’s time to ditch Troy Carter and vote Dan Lux for District 2.

I’ll put a stop to the nonsense and fight to return Louisiana, and the country, back to their great potentials.

Vote Dan Lux for Congress in Louisiana’s District 2.



A proud father of two responsible, independent children, Dan is honored to be an American and dedicated to maintaining the purity of what our founding fathers created. He is a truthful conservative and steadfast voice for Louisiana.

A firm believer in the American dream, Dan turned his dream into a reality when he moved to Los Angeles and became a successful executive in the competitive world of global entertainment. Yes, a true Hollywood Republican! He spent over 30 years in the television business creating and producing top movies and reality shows. (Fun Factoid: Dan was the Executive Producer of the “Trump” biopic that aired on ABC.)

After leaving the television business, Dan produced a ground-breaking hologram exhibit at the Reagan Presidential Library, where visitors get to meet President Reagan in hologram form, opening a whole new generation to Reagan's virtue and wisdom.

He moved to Louisiana, where he now calls home, and lives on the Westbank in District 2 with his wife, Penny. Louisiana opened its arms and heart to him, and he’d like to repay the hospitality by working to get it back on the right path.

 Dan is a highly organized self-starter, a strong leader, exceptional communicator, and a tenacious worker who will strive to keep the American Dream alive for others. As a no-holds-barred brawler he will fight to root out corruption, get crime under control, secure our borders, reduce inflation, clean up public schools, eliminate the national debt and reduce government overreach… starting with the COVID tyranny.


"I come from a proud working class family who understands the value of hard work and achievement. Now it's time I put those old-school ethics, morals, and principles to work for you. Our leaders are failing us through corruption and deceit, it's time to put an end to it! Crime, the economy, education, rooting out corruption, and restoring freedoms and quality of life are all top priorities. I'm a problem solver who knows how to find solutions, work collaboratively, and get things done!"


Louisiana First

Getting Back on Top

Louisiana is a gorgeous state! But, we need to change how it is managed to ensure its one-of-a-kind culture, food, festivals, and hospitality thrives. Its strategic geographic location on the Gulf, great natural resources, and a workforce 2 million strong, make Louisiana an ideal home for burgeoning industries like oil, natural gas, commercial fishing, agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, and tourism. I’ll push for business-friendly policies that encourage new businesses and emerging industries to call Louisiana their home. It’s time to make Louisiana one of the country’s top business destinations.


Support Businesses and Workers

Louisiana’s economy ranks as the worst in the United States. Our GDP fell 4.3% in the first quarter of 2022, a rate nearly three times the rest of the country. But this is nothing new. Over the past decade Louisiana's economy has consistently ranked as one of the worst in the country. Nearly 114,000 jobs were lost during the pandemic, more than any other state. Louisiana has one of the highest jobless rates (7.3%), 20% of the population lives below poverty, and it has some of the most burdensome business regulations in the country. All of this is the result of bad leadership and failed Democratic policies.

We need business friendly policies that cut bureaucratic red tape, reduce inflation, and allow our businesses to flourish. Business owners know that when you get the government out of the way, the free market will flourish. But this won’t happen until our leaders are held accountable for their disastrous mishandling of the economy and voted out of office! 


Defend, Don’t Defund, Police

Crime is out of control in District 2! New Orleans is now the nation's most murderous city, which has serious repercussions for the entire state. Foolish ‘defund the police’ politicians, soft-on-crime policies, and demonizing the brave men and women of law enforcement have fostered a surge of violent crime that undermines the courageous people in uniform and endangers innocent citizens. Police officers who risk their lives to protect our communities must be staffed, equipped, and trained to keep our neighborhoods safe, and to return home to their families.

Nothing is more important than the safety and quality of life for you and your family. My top priority is to end reckless soft-on-crime policies and implement those that return the respect to our police that they deserve. People have forgotten how to respect and interact with law enforcement. I’ll introduce public service programs that teach proper interaction with law enforcement to reduce escalation and keep both the citizens and the police safe.

Louisiana Tourism

A Personality All to Itself!

Louisiana is a state like no other, with a personality, culture, and hospitality that makes it a dream tourist destination. But the state’s appeal is being squandered by short-sighted politicians only out for their own self-interests. Louisiana’s tourism continues to suffer from authoritarian anti-science restrictions that have cost businesses over $6 billion in revenue and a job loss of nearly 20%. The Crown Jewel of New Orleans is the French Quarter. Our leaders have turned it into a crime ridden war zone with streets and decay emblematic of a third world country. Conventions, tourists, and visitors will not return until the District gets its act together. The current leaders have demonstrated they are not capable of the job, so it’s time to replace them!


Teach, Don’t Indoctrinate

As a father who raised two responsible, independent children, I understand the concerns parents across this country have about the radical take-over of their children’s education. Schools are meant to teach math, science, grammar, accurate history, and social studies, not gender studies, woke ideology, and social justice warrior grooming. These programs and ideologies have no place in our schools. Florida leads the way in returning schools to educational institutions and NOT indoctrination camps.

Louisiana has some of the lowest academic outcomes in the country. Just 45% of Louisiana public high school students are reading at proficient levels, only 30% in math, and a tragic 25% in science and social studies. We are robbing our children of their future, depriving them of career options, and setting them up to fail in post-secondary education and the job market. I support school choice, so all parents have a say in their child’s education and to foster excellence through competition. Politicians have become complacent with these disastrous academic results, and now they need to be held accountable.

The Environment

Plan for Our Future

I love the beauty and tranquility of nature. One of my greatest passions is the environment. Louisiana is known for its distinctive swamps, coastal wetlands, ancient oaks covered in Spanish moss, rich fisheries, and pristine wilderness. They all play an important role in our ecosystem, economy, and quality of life.

We need to do everything possible to preserve the purity of our soil, water, oceans, and air for our health today and the survival of the planet tomorrow. We need to implement measures locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally, to undo harmful damage and pollution while taking the time to plan and care for future generations.


An Inhumane Indignity

America’s homeless problem is a dire crisis and it's hit Louisiana hard. Homelessness has surged and will continue to rise if nothing is done. Encampments are encroaching the sidewalks, parks, and neighborhoods across the country. Allowing people to live openly on the streets is NOT humane, but rather cruel and unconscionable. Living in the streets exposes people to crime, violence, unsanitary conditions, the proliferation of substance abuse, the lack of food and water, and a loss of dignity. Homelessness is most rampant and visible in Democrat run cities, like New Orleans. Poverty, mental illness, addiction, and other issues fostered by irresponsible Democratic policies play pivotal roles in the homeless crisis.


Secure Our Borders

The border crisis created by Biden and the Democratic party is a crisis for ALL states, including Louisiana and District 2 in particular. Illegal immigration fosters and funds human/child trafficking, drug trafficking, an erosion of American civics and allegiance, and a depletion of social and financial resources of American communities. The federal government has a Constitutional obligation to control immigration, secure our borders, and promote an allegiance to this great country. I will ensure the wall gets completed, we restore the remain in Mexico policy, and put an end to the foolish catch and release program. We MUST secure our border and reconstruct our broken LEGAL immigration system.


Drain the Swamp

Like you, I am fed up with corrupt politicians destroying our lives and freedoms while living by a different set of rules for themselves. I will be laser focused on rooting out and squashing corruptions on all levels – district, state, and national. Respect and trust in government leaders is at an all time low and we need to change its course. It’s time to vote out career politicians who only serve their own self-interests and elect leaders that are not in it for the money, prestige, or power, but for the love of this country and a passion to build a future of prosperity and freedom for everyone. I pledge to serve with honesty, integrity, and common sense.

Constitutional Issues

Censorship and Loss of Freedoms

There is a distressing movement to strip the rights and freedoms of those opposed to radical progressive ideology. Federal law enforcement agencies have been corrupted and the scale of justice is no longer balanced. This is one of the most toxic and destructive developments our country and children face. It will be one of my top priorities to erratic this crusade and get our nation back to its constitutional roots. The Constitution is the greatest governing document in history. I will defend it and all the freedoms it endows, including the freedom of speech, religious liberty, due process, and all of our God-given rights.

It's critical to encourage and promote pride in America and bring civics back to the classroom with basic programs like reciting the pledge of allegiance in schools, standing for the national anthem, and ending programs that teach racism and hatred. I will also block any proposals to expand the 153-year-long composition of Supreme Court.


End the Lockdowns and Begin the Lockups!

COVID has become the biggest government scandal, cover-up, and mass manipulation of our time, compromising the integrity of our medical system. Utilizing more than 2 years of scientific research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials and scientific data, over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world now attest to the dangers and ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines and the disastrous COVID policies imposed on doctors and their patients. I will not stop until the authoritarian politicians and tyrannical public health officials answer for the harm and destruction they’ve caused to trusting citizens.

Energy Independence

Put Our Own Resources to Work

Energy independence is both an economic and National Security issue. Turn to Europe as an example of how energy dependence on other countries impacts National Security. Gas and energy prices are soaring as the direct result of bad Democratic policies, NOT Putin. I will join the Conservative movement to make America energy independent once again, lower gas prices, create American jobs, and build a stronger national security. I’m a lover of nature and conservationist and will support domestic energy policies including hydropower, nuclear, coal, solar, oil, wind, natural gas, geothermal, and a responsible pursuit of renewables. The environment and energy development are not mutually exclusive. We can protect the environment for our future while lowering energy costs for today.

Fiscal Responsibility

Eliminate the Debt

Governments on all levels - local, state, and federal – have spending problems. The federal debt has surpassed $30 trillion. Corrupt politicians passing their dismal fiscal responsibility on to our future generations is unjust and unsustainable. You deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money and not watch helplessly while politicians squander it. I will fight wasteful spending and prevent unnecessary items from being pushed through Congress. Every dollar spent should have an essential need and purpose. Congress must exercise its Constitutional power of the purse, balance the budget, and work to eliminate the debt. We are at a critical juncture and must now restore fiscal responsibility to protect the American dream for future generations.


Support Our Troops

One of the most fundamental responsibility of the federal government is the defense of America and the American people. For this, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the tremendous sacrifices our brave men and women have made for our freedoms and liberties. I will fight to ensure our veterans receive the healthcare they deserve and are never forced into homeless. Like our courageous law enforcement officers, we must provide our military with the best policies and equipment to ensure victory and a safe return home. I will reject any policy that thwarts their abilities in the line of battle, and unlike the Biden administration, will NEVER leave any American behind. 

Foreign Affairs

Make America a World Leader Once Again

The United States has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world as a promoter individual rights, free markets, self-determination, and religious freedom. But many of our leaders and institutions are compromised by foreign influence and are pushing anti-America rhetoric with the goal of toppling this great country from within. We need to organize an effort of new leaders who advocate America’s economic, military, and moral strength to restore our Nation's respect and influence on the world stage. I support policies that hold other nations responsible to their world obligations and limits taxpayer money going to countries with no oversight or accountability.



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