Calvin Wimbish, FL, US House, District 10

Calvin Wimbish, FL, US House, District 10

My Priorities

America First. Always.

It's time to fight for our nation, our freedoms, and our conservative values. We can't afford to send another weak leader to Washington. I've always been a fighter, and I won't stop now.

Restore Election Integrity

The integrity of our election system is the foundation of our republic as enshrined in our Constitution.

  • I willl support using voting equipment and systems that prevent cyber-attacks and only count votes without interference or manipulation.
  • I support measures that will add "Citizen" to any form of Voter ID barcoded card to show that the individual is a legal citizen.
  • I will support using watermarked paper ballots to stop illegal ballots from bein counted.
  • I will promote those states which verify voter rolls yearly without federal interference.

Energize the Economy and Stop Generational Theft

Stop stealing from our kids' future to pay for our present! The national debt of the United States is approaching over $30 trillion.

  • I will work to end unconstitutional government intrusion into our businesses, schools, and personal life that causes hardship, job loss, and family and mental health issues.
  • I stand for fiscal responsibility by voting against proposed tax increases and irresponsible borrowing that will keep future generations of Americans in debt.
  • I will support a budget amendment to stop Social Security theft.
  • I will help to protect family property rights and to prevent ingeritance rights from being taxed away.

Enhance Energy Independence

  • I support America's energy independence and its resources: oil, gas, solar, wind, and nuclear.
  • I will vote to strengthen the power grid and protect it from the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and cyber-attacks.
  • I will vote to restore pipeline construction and other forms of energy production.
  • I will vote to strengthen the natural or manmade Disasters Relief Contingencies Plan.

Parents' Rights in Education: Elevate Education ^ Parental Rights

  • I support school choice that allows parents to choose to enroll their children in any public, harter, private, or religious school within their home district.
  • I will support taxpayer-funs (ESA-Education Savings Accounts) to pay only educational expenses that meet their student's specific needs.
  • I oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT).
  • I will introduce legislation to deny federal funds to education institutions that promote CRT or teach that any individual is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive.
  • I support the right of parents to have the final say in their children's health and medical matters.
  • I support the elimination of the federal Department of Education. It is the mission of the states to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

Enflorce National Security & Secure Borders

Our Constitution advocates providing for the common defense.

  • I will be an advocate to ensure our armed forces are trained and properly equipped to deter our enemies in all warfare domains.
  • I will support the Space Force and all military service.
  • I will vote to maintain, upgrade, and expand military equipment and defenses to protect America and National interests.
  • I champion closing the "open borders" to prevent human trafficking, to decrease the flow of illegal drgus, and to aggressively prosecute criminal gangs and terrorists.
  • I will vote to strengthen the power grid and protect it from the electromagnetic pusse (EMP) and cyber-attacks.
  • I will vote to resptore pipeline construction and other forms of energy prodcuction
  • I will vote to strengthen the natural or manmade disaster relief contingency plans.

Fund Adquately Law Enforcement

  • Florida has the third highest percentage for human trafficking.
  • I will work to strengthen against these heinous crimes.
  • I will vote to restore full funding to law enforcement to combat all crimes and insure domestic tranquility.

Patriot Pride: Protect the 2nd Amendment

  • I support the 2nd Amendment that protects every law-abiding American citizen's fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  • I support nationwide constitutional carry.

Cease Environmental & Health Mandates

  • I am a champion for veterans' rights to medical services and disability care.
  • I stand to end all unconstitutional government intrusion and overreach into our personal and private health matters.
  • I will support "environmental health" across the nation to improve the quality of life.
  • I am Pro-Life and will dendend unborn children's and adults' "Right to Life".

Stand with Israel and our Like-Minded Allies!

  • I will support the territorial sovereignmty of allies and partners such as, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and India.
  • I will keep the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem!
  • I will support the "Abraham Accords" that recognizes the importance of maintaining and strengthening peace in the Middle East and around the world.
  • I oppose antisemitism which may be expressed as hatred toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, community institutions and religious facilities.
  • I champion peace through STRENGTH; ensure a significant military buildup.
  • I firmly believe America must support Israel, our strongest Middle East ally!


I am not a politician. I'm a retired Green Beret, an unapologetic Christian, and a fierce America First Conservative. I'm ready to finally stand up for the American people and rescue the nation we all know and love.

My Fellow Americans,

Our nation is under attack. Not from a foreign enemy, but from those within our borders who want to run our country into the ground. With rapid inflation on the rise, illegal immigrants pouring across the border, and our fundamental rights being trampled on, we need a fighter who knows what it takes to win.

Let's be clear: politicians aren't fighters. They only care about staying in office, collecting their taxpayer-funded paycheck, and smiling for the camera. As a Green Beret, I've fought for our nation many times before. With your help, I'll continue fighting as your representative in Washington.


COL (Ret.) Calvin Wimbish



August 9th Instagram

"Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely!" We must win back the U.S. House, Senate and re-elect Governor DeSantis. As we saw last night, the Socialist Democrats of the WHP, FBI and DOJ, have taken bold steps to destroy President Trump's ability to run for president in 2024. Our domestic war in politics is on! I am on pace to WIN the Republican nomination for Florida Congressional District 10 and, with your help, I will fight to change the balance of power in D.C. This is a "Call to Action" to give your support, donations, and go to vote NOW! #votecal2022


U.S. House 10 Republican Debate between Calvin Wimbish, Tuan Le, Thuy Lowe, Lateresa Jones and Peter Weed.