Bob Hendry, TN, US House, District 8

Bob Hendry, TN, US House, District 8

Conservative Warrior


"I'm fighting for conservative voices across West Tennessee, to put our government back to work for us." - Bob Hendry


I love America.  I love Tennessee.

Three decades ago I put down roots in Tennessee, where the love of my life Tracy and I raised seven children, have seven grandchildren, and own and operate our own businesses.  I'm a deeply devoted Christian and a fearless cultural and constitutional conservative

After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, I served thirteen years' active duty as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer.  After leaving the 'Corps, I came to Tennessee, worked at FedEx and GSK Pharmaceuticals, and Tracy and I now own our own business.

When our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001,  I returned to the Marine Corps after 8 years of a quiet life, running toward the sound of the guns...

      ...because that's what American Patriots do.


Why am I running for office?

Once again, our nation is in danger, but our greatest threat comes from within.  So-called leaders - from both parties - are failing us.  Corruption takes many forms. It's time we demand our elected officials take the high road in performing their duties.

  • Our families are under attack
  • Our borders are open
  • Our elections are being stolen
  • The people are disregarded
  • Our current Congressman is a career politician who gets nothing done
  • Our once great Republican party lacks grit and tough leadership
  • Our Federal and State Constitutions are disregarded

We're shaping the country our children & grandchildren will inherit.

It’s time to end these failures, and put our government back to work for us.

I will listen to you, and represent you at every level of government from the local school boards to the Supreme Court.

  • I will fight any threat to our U.S. & Tennessee Constitutions at any level, at any time.
  • I will lead the restoration of life and integrity to the Republican Party across Tennessee and across America.
  • I will build a strong team of patriotic Americans across western Tennessee, organized, prepared, and equipped to protect our freedoms for years to come.

We must do this together.

No one can accomplish these goals alone.

  • Together, we can bring sound leadership to our governments at all levels
  • Together, we will hold our officials accountable to the people who put them in office and to the State and Federal Constitutions they swore to support and defend.

Join us!  Together, we will take back America.

Bob Hendry
Bob The RINO Hunter


  • Cut spending & balance the budget
  • Secure our energy independence
  • Secure our God-given Rights
  • Restore loyalty to our Constitution
  • Secure our borders
  • Restore our prosperity
  • Secure our election integrity
  • Restore parental authority to education
  • End abortion on-demand
  • Rebuild our national security
  • Strip benefits from illegal aliens
  • Crush Narcotics trafficking
  • Establish term limits
  • Regain our individual freedoms
  • Re-establish justice