Let's Pray

Almighty God. We praise you. All creation praises you.

Thank you for watching over us and guiding us. Help us to follow that guiding--to be wise in your wisdom and move in the trust that you win.

Show us the way to go. To the left or the right? Up or down? Who do we trust? We trust in you alone.

You have blessed us in so many things--this beautiful world of mountains, flowers, and rainbows. We delight in the sight of your creation--a jumping fish, a butterfly, a turtle, a child.

These things I ask you so humbly. 

  • Bring justice those who are in jail unjustly
  • Take down those who would defile your name and those created in your image
  • Take down those who force experimental drugs, take our work and belongings, take our means of protection
  • Bless those who rise up to bring light to our elections, our legislators, our government, our constitution
  • Help us to forgive and show mercy while defending our loved ones from evil
  • Open the eyes of those who do not understand and have been blinded by big tech and media
  • Lift us up, giving us the sustenance we need as well as peace, rest, joy, and love
  • Bring justice to those who have hurt the innocent and use their office for their own gain
  • Bring justice to those whose love of money hurts this world
  • Keep us in your arms and shield us from harm that comes from others or ourselves

You are mighty. We love you. 



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