Jan 6 Prisoner Jake Lang-- ISOLATION with NO Conviction!

Call 540--288-5245 ext. 400 and ask why is – Ask WHY Is Jake Lang Isolated?

Hours of Prison:  8-4:30 ET

Do it! Help a patriot. Help an unjustly uncharged but jailed human being.

Just tried calling Sunday, Oct 30, 8:00pm and no answering machine after 10 rings. 




Artilce by Jim Hoft with Gateway Pundit, October 30, 2022 6:30pm

This story will make you sad and mad. Here is a man who has been in jail for nearly two years. Someone who helped someone in the Jan 6 crowd keep from getting killed. Who saw what happened to another person in the crowd who was killed in the crush. Who had tried to unsuccessfully pull her to safety.

There is video of Jan 6 but WE THE PEOPLE can't see it. WE THE PEOPLE can't testify. Only the selected (unselected). 

They used no force until they saw what the police were doing to the people. The people were being gassed, beaten, and trampled.

Jake has been in several prisons and for the last month is in Rappahannock Regional Jailin Virginia--maximum security with murderers.

Apparently Jake was interviewing during his weekly podcast, Policitical Prisoner, with the Gateway Pundit. Apparently this is the reason that he was stopped by guards and taken to isolation.

He has no window, anywhere! He gets out 1 hour every 2 days but even in the hour out--he sees no one. 

He is not convicted of anything. He has been tortured, abused and even in isolation for a period of 3 months.

They threw Jake in a room before isolation with prisoners whose only TV showed how horrible Jan 6 was. There were rough times but Jake has been shielded by his love and trust in God. He was even able to have Bible study with hundreds of prisoners.

What is happening to Jake is unjust. It feels so helpless to be on the outside enjoying our lives while he suffers.  What can we do?  Jim Hoft says Call and ask about the isolation. I trust Jim and encourage you to do that. 540-288-5245 ext. 400

Jake was able to call Jim Hoft today, Oct. 30 for 8 minutes. I encourage you to go to the website to HEAR and see the transcript of the call. This is how our government is treating unconvicted American citizens.

AS our government works to subvert information of what is happening and block communication to outlets such as Gateway Pundit. It is of the utmost importance that we help by calling 540-288-5245 ext. 400 and – Ask WHY Is Jake Lang Isolated?

We need to help support all of our citizen's 1st amendment right. We must shine a light on what is happening. 

In a cage for years and blocked from access to communication and free press.

Thank you Gateway Pundit. God bless all political prisoners and God bless Jake Lang.




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