Do Christians have a seat at the table of Government?

We all are familiar with the Lord’s prayer. The words, " thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." and yet since 1954 or more properly the passing of the Johnson Amendment pastors and churches have been silent.  So if the church is not a participant how is it that God’s will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I am not among those pastors who have been silenced. In fact, through the " Pulpit Freedom Sunday" campaign of the ADF I along with up to 2,000 pastors have recorded yearly messages that violate the Johnson Amendment, and then mailed them to the IRS challenging them to take us to court.  Crickets.

In my early years as a Fire Dept. Chaplain I was instructed by the Fire Board lawyer over and over that praying in Jesus name was not acceptable. Each month I would thank him and then proceed to pray, closing in Jesus name.

Later the fire board attempted to remove my chaplains page from the actual Fire Dept. page. At first the Department pulled it, but I protested and an appeal was made to the Florida Attorney General’s office. Their response was that it was a bit edgy, but not illegal and the page was returned.

Over 37 years of Pastoral ministry I have often thrown myself in the path of the train so to speak, be it protesting outside abortion clinics, the messages I preached, or my activity in the community at School Boards, and County Commissions. There were many trips to Tallahassee to stand on key issues. 

Currently I have stepped away to run for Congress, which I did and finished second to the Congressman out of 5 candidates. I will most likely run again in 2024. We cannot be silent, and we must speak out on all aspect of injustice from the child in the womb, to stolen elections and more. I am going to attach here 2 links. One for what is known as a Pulpit Freedom Sunday message, one that I had mailed to the IRS and the second a seminar I do on Christians and Human Government, encouraging all to be a voice.

Feel free if you have any questions to contact me at or (352) 544-7225 Also I will include a third video from the day I announced for Congress in January 2022

God bless

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Jack is an Assemblies of God pastor, ordained in 1985. He has pastored 37 years, also serving 17 of those years as Fire Dept. Chaplain for Spring Hill Fire Rescue and Hernando County Fire Rescue. Twelve of those years as a member of the State of Florida ESF-8 Emergency Response mental health team. Jack married his Seminary sweetheart and just passed 40 years of marriage this past June. He and his wife have 6 wonderful children, all home schooled and all through college. Prior to ministry Jack served as the Inventory Control Supervisor for Mesker Clark International Sales, in Cranford New Jersey. He has been an outspoken pastor, member of the Blackrobe Regiment since 2004.

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