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True the Vote

Trust but Verify. Work for Integrity. Election Intelligence.

Our election processes are vulnerable from beginning to end—and those vulnerabilities are being exploited by groups who subvert our elections to serve their own purposes. The best way to protect voters' rights is to equip citizens for service. That's what we do. Now, that's what you can do, too.


IV3: Ap to keep voter rolls accurate

Tip LIne. We all must play our part. 855-585-2022. If you’ve witnessed election fraud, manipulation or illegal action taking place, Let us know by filling out this report or calling our hotline at 855-585-2022.

My State. Ensure accuracy of America's electoral rolls. View election info by state. Select your state and county to view election info. View state legislation on election codes, legislations, and bills in debate.

Citizen Video Project. 2000 Mules was only the beginning: We are just getting started. 


52 USC 20701 requires all election officials to retain records from federal elections for 22 months from the date of the election. The requirement for the 2020 General Election expires on September 3, 2022.

True the Vote is filing Open Records Requests in 200 counties (in addition to what we have previously filed) requesting all surveillance footage from ballot dropboxes in use during the 2020 General Election. From there, and with your help, we’ll expand our efforts - more states, more counties, and more requests for more election records.

America deserves answers. Which jurisdictions have surveillance video? What does the video reveal? Which jurisdictions don’t have surveillance video? And why don’t they have it?

Here's how you can ask your county.6 Steps and Tips.




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