Things to Do to Save our Elections and Our Country

We do not have to do everything, but we all have to do something. 



1. If you get a mail-in-ballot and are going in to vote in person, do not open the ballot.

  1. Take a picture of the unopened ballot.

  2. Take the ballot with you to the polls but leave it in the car.

  3. If you are told you have already voted, this means someone has voted for you and used your name. Politely note the workers name from their badge and step outside to call your sheriff.

  4. (Put your sheriff's number on your phone--NOW!).

  5. Tell the sheriff your name and that you have a problem with Identity Theft. Some one has used your name to vote.

  6. Give them the name of the person you talked to and explain what happened.

  7. When they arrive you can show them your unopened ballot and the sheriff can go inside and talk with the poll worker.

  8. Be polite and respectful.

2. While you are in the voting booth, look at your Bluetooth to see (and take Picture) of which voting machines are connected to the internet

3. Preserve evidence, Gather evidence. We must have video, audio, recordings at ballot boxes in the middle of night to present to sherrifs. We must act. Put any voting irregularities you see on 10806225268?profile=RESIZE_180x180

4. Pre-empt fraud. Be on the offense.

  1. Determine what went wrong in the primary.

  2. Work on fixing these issues before the next election.

  3. Determine what needs to be done, what caused the problems, and who to speak with to fix the issues.

  4. Remember to be persistent but polite and respectful.

5. Get out the vote to everyone in the precincts.

  1. Gather all resources to get out the vote: signs, post cards, door hangers, postcards, flyers, etc.

  2. Combine campaign worker volunteers of like minded candidates to do door knocking and phone calls.

  3. People need to know who is running and what their values are. All parties are interested in family values and neighborhood issues.

  4. The state Republican Party also has resources.

  5. Combine resources for people like DeSantis to go with other down-vote candidates.

6. We need to work with the current supervisor of election and secretary elections to improve the transparency and validity of our elections. There is a difference between aggression and firm assertion of our issues. We MUST be "wise as a serpent and harmless as doves".

7. Some people are finding that a softer approach of explanation versus demand illicits a better response from the secretary of election. Let your Secretary of Elections department get to know you as a person. Try cookies and banana bread. Relationships are built on people getting to know each other and exchanging ideas and data. Monthly data showing the understanding of problems being fixed and addressed in a friendly setting may be best. 

8. On the other hand some say that time to play nice is over. This is the entire problem of the current GOP. Trying to play nice is not a good idea. This approach simply does not seem to work even as tempting as it is especially since some RECs are purposely not allowing any Defend Florida members join.

9. We need leaders. People who are able to see the final goal, motivate those around them, help others get to that goal, and all the while working with the uniqueness of the individual.

10. We need to define the problem. Schwab, Soros, and Big Tech are working together to redefine America, the family and human rights. This is a game with complicated rules and the requirement to visualize the results of each move and the consequences.

11. Cleta Mitchell mentioned need for people to monitor post offices, nursing homes, and mail in ballots.  We need someone coordinating that effort. 

12. We need to volunteer to poll watch and/or be a poll worker.

  1. You can find information to apply to be a poll worker at:

  2. There is training at Florida Election Summit Resources:

  3. Florida Poll Watchers register at: Zoom at 4pm TWR, Sat

  4. We need to be checking signatures of the mail-in-ballots. Each political group and candidate is allowed two signature verification volunteers. The Election Integrity Project and your local Republican Executive Committee can help you work the polls. People are doing canvassing board activitites, duplication/tabulation and public inspection.

  5. Arapahoe County, Colorado, volunteer at Volunteers for Liberty

  6. If you have not heard back from the Secretary of Elections department in regard to poll working, CALL BACK and follow up. In politics, you cannot wait 2 or 3 weeks for a reply. Follow the next day. Then the next. Then contact somebody else at the office not responding to you. You have to make things happen.

13. Do not use winred to donate to candidates. Donate directly to candidates.

14. Research candidates.

  1. Sally Baptiste said she will interview candidates on American Stateman

  2. Interviews at Florida Freedom Keepers.

  3. Candidates on Defend Our Union:

  4. Florida News Reports lists candidates:

15. Repeal Vote by Mail Ballots.

16. Ask your Supervisor of Elections Public Information Officer for the list of all people requesting Cast Vote Records. These people will make good connections.

17. Become a precinct committeeman. 10806226486?profile=RESIZE_180x180

18. Save My Freedom & ACT For America is launching a campaign in AZ to Demand The Machines Immediately stop being used. It takes only 2 minutes to complete the petition to send the emails to all of the elected officials & everyone in the country can do it every day. Kari Lake & Mark Finchem have joined us & it all started with Jim O'Connor's letter.




19. Informative websites:


  2. Success Happens 

20. Defend Florida has training for poll watching, signature verification, and leadership through their ACE Academy.

21. The Establishment is afraid of people who ACT.

  1. If you take a petition around to hand count the ballot, ALSO get a commitment from them to spend election night at the county voting center to engage in a manual hand count.

  2. Tell the Sup. of Elections you have X number of good, decent, concerned citizens ready and willing to perform that task

  3. Get organized locally and form a group and vote in the afternoon and take the afternoon off and offer to hand count the machines. Get 10,000 concerned citizens, vote, and then ready to hand count!

  4. Here is how to do a hand count. Say, NO WE don't believe it--we want to do a peaceful handcount.

  5. If you would like to help with this, email

  6. It is important to know your state election laws.

22. Legislators listen to comments made in articles such as "letters to the editor". Get a group of people to send these out all over.

23. In the past the Tea Party found success in using Democrat "get out the vote" sites to sign up for  Democrat voters to contact and then sent them Tea Party Information. This might be such a sight. 10806254700?profile=RESIZE_180x180

24. Political contact lists. 10806245688?profile=RESIZE_180x180


25. Uploaded CVRs are posted at

26. FYI, data teams are looking at all the metrics. They are comparing the before and after voter rolls and trying to get the return mail. Work is being done with CVRs and with the courts and legislation.

27. FYI, at this time Defend Florida is focusing more on getting out the vote and putting together a machine group.

28. FYI, several Florida counties are following others in regard to the 2020 election and how to approach upcoming elections.

29. If you need to know how to  gather, decipher, graph, and present canvassing data, you will need to contact Defend Florida. Be persistent. 


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